Tristan Magnetique - 2

Something small becomes noticeable in the myriad of surrounding details. This is how the music of  Tristan Magnetique delivers it's ethereal weight. Melodies with deep currents of emotion flowing within, but resting above, the slowly turning autumn colored leaf floating on the surface is the focal point. What tree did it fall from, how beautiful did a collection of these leaves make the tree appear, has the journey been long to arrive at this point? These questions could easily be about the earth, fauna or even people. Slight changes in the qualifiers and then the considerations follow the beauty before you beckoning thoughts.  
For the second Tristan Magnetique composition, the sounds have found home in simple energy. A sea of notes sustained for mesmerizing lengths, always absorbing the flare of crisp brilliance by the composer. The deep undertow of bass like drone fills the body while Tristan Magnetique crafts harmony for the conscious to follow. With over an hour of music divided between four tracks, each selection has time to flourish as well as dissolve. In many instances the path changes during the track, turning each piece into it's own world. In the last track, field recordings eventually come into aural focus, like crossing the street to a new shop of sonic curiosities. All four tracks escape the heaviness of night, even with the drone, this is not dream time music. These sounds are a companion for exploring the world around us. A soundtrack for a stroll in the heart of the day. For a place where the movement around us is experienced in subtle doses, a light breeze causing a wavering shadow, rain illuminated by sunlight changing the natural texture, a fish coming to the water's surface to cause a circle of ripples... Beautiful small details extracted while we are physically present, given a moment of grandeur by the sounds of Tristan Magnetique.
Released on Cosmic Winnetou within the sixteenth batch. This double cassette offering by Tristan Magnetique is amazingly still available on the Cosmic Winnetou bandcamp page or directly from the Cosmic Winnetou website. Both the first and third Tristan Magnetique compositions are sold out on Otomatik Muziek and Muzan Editions respectively and it is surprising the second volume of work has not followed the same path. It will...

Cosmic Winnetou has moved onto the seventeenth batch and the three new releases that make this (Cops - Energy Trap, Schweben - Trees, Snowflake Orchestra - s/t) have already sold out. With exception, there are still a few copies of Snowflake Orchestra (Joachim Henn and Günter Schlienz) available at both the Cosmic Winnetou website and bandcamp page.