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Dere Moans / Horselover Flats - Lax Myths / Essentially Negative

 From a densely populated point in time, a spot where civilization is building and growing, an explosion extracting all of the sonic elements occurs. A detonation in slow motion, sonic shrapnel radiating out like a giant ripple in the water. With empathic attributes bent towards protecting ears in the path of ensuing deafness, Dere Moans absorbs this debris filled circular wave. An amazing feat since this is the epicenter of civilization, and the sonic din is at the highest magnitude of all time. As we know from the first law of thermodynamics, energy can not be created or destroyed, but it can change from one form to another. This brings us the astounding collection of sounds held within the composition Lax Myths. Dere Moans is the atmosphere shielding the world from aural poisoning, taking the weight of sounds created through time and sharing the extremes of what listeners are able to handle. The most compelling aspect is the creative methodology used, just enough rhyth

Snowflake Orchestra - s/t

An antenna pointing upward into the surrounding abyss. A tuning knob is delicately turned, slowly scrolling through radio frequencies. Droning emptiness, then flurries of twisted energy. Somewhere in between these two extremes the dial locks in on the perfect balance. Tranquilizing sonic goo saturating the receiver, glimpses into worlds quivering with a radiance, all unable to be truly fathomed. Snowflake Orchestra is listening. Extending receptors into the cosmos to retrieve sounds from ternary, quaternary star systems and beyond. The static buzz of Trapezia systems ejecting matter as high velocity galactic stars. Then the eventual quietness of singularities bending sonic energy to be absorbed into nothingness. Stretch out on the ground and look up into the night sky, put your headphones on and the conscious will expand.    Joachim Henn and Günter Schlienz are the minds behind Snowflake Orchestra. Both artists bringing vast experience and talent to craft this lengthy composition of ov

Deuce Avenue - Death of Natural Light

In the creases of radiant saturation, a world of ambient emptiness unfolds. Our reality of incarnate presence flickers in time, moments of warmth dispersing into a vast sea of temporal space. Death of Natural Light breaths in these latitudes, adding sonic texture for the conscious to gain traction. Helping movement far into the recesses of nothingness. A dead sea with the faintest lap of waves bending across the shore, the sound created almost to faint to hear. This physical interaction has been ongoing long before human awareness, and will continue far past the gusts of life walking the shore. Stop and listen deeply, Death of Natural Light exposes the palpable threads of energy connecting all things. A new fascination will emerge from the nebulousness.   Noah Anthony is the source behind the project Deuce Avenue. There are a couple of cassettes before this in the Deuce Avenue discography, Death of Natural Light making the third releases (from what can be seen on discogs), but Noah Ant

David Shrigley & Lord Stornoway - Don't Worry

See the fires burn on the hill side, the space ships are coming into land. Aliens are welcome. It's all right, it's ok, don't worry. Thoughts are mixing with David Shrigley & Lord Stornoway. Tried moving the dog off his bed to take a nap, he growled, there was no vacancy. Don't sleep if you want to keep reading. I wish there was a button to press and feelings and thoughts would turn to written words, but then there would be no need for people to think and write. This would be sad since Don't Worry is way worth the time. Like who knew Slayer had twelve albums, and the best way to tackle armageddon is listening to records with a choice beverage. If you have read this far and it seems silly, it's ok. Don't Worry contains fourteen tracks by David Shrigley & Lord Stornoway. All vocals are preformed by Lord Stornoway who is Iain Shaw, except for the track titled Gruelling Task. The only David Shrigley vocalized selection sounding like a documentary from Sc

Naturaliste - Temporary Presence

An old piano works well when played with intensity. Keys striking taut wires trying to play above the swirl of cacophony. Temporary Presence produces an aural atmosphere filled with mechanical devices, clicking, chiming, breathing out a haze of electronic spirit. And then the essence of consciousness, ongoing thought from those who gather to create these sounds and influence of those who are no longer physically there. The connections to the vintage past both surges then dissipates, dimensional portholes drifting pass like clouds in front of the sun. Temporary Presence finds solace in a world weighed on by beauty in deterioration of discarded things. Alluring imperfections coming into being through times pressure of environmental fluctuations and those with the vision to channel this to our ears. The project Naturaliste was formed in 1988 and played together through 2005. Temporary Presence is their first body of work in over fifteen years. Not sure of the members making up the band tw

Peter Kris - Everything Possuelo Brought To The Table

A river journey by paddle and human effort could be the most surreal way to experience the world. The pace is slow allowing details from the banks to be fully absorbed. A special quietness persists, there is no wind from moving to fast and the openness of the water seems to muffle everything beyond. Traveling down stream reduces the physical effort to a simple paddle as a rudder, increasing the ability to take in what rests on the waters edge. For this description, rapids are not present and within these conditions a true tranquility descends in our thoughts. Sydney Possuelo probably experienced this natural wonderment augmented by finding indigenous people using the river as a source of life. In his over sixty years of work, he spent a lot of time on the water. Exploration and return trips, the river bestows undisturbed evolution and the connection to who we all are.  The monstrous composition by Peter Kris is the aural equivalent to the preceding thoughts. After many engagements, dee