Beat Up - Satisfied?

Beat Up must love punk music, their new composition titled Satisfied? takes everything cherished from decades past and delivers masterfully crafted songs. Four musicians blasting tunes out it perfectly controlled explosions of energy, Nathan Flogamocker on guitar and vocals, Dave Harrison more guitar, Matt Alston the bass and Peter James McCarron the drummer. The kicker is the song writing. Following cue from the title Satisfied with a question mark, the subject matter contained within the composition questions how satisfied are we within the world we live? Nathan sings "You expect me to be Satisfied?, there is no justice for those who died". This lyric goes pretty much straight to the point of the feeling of many of the tracks on the album. "Keep you eyes averted from this national disgrace, because marshals walk among us to keep us in our place", those two lines are from just the title track. Wow...

There could be a lot of analyzing and comparing Satisfied? to bands and songs from the past. No reason though, Beat Up hones in out what sounds superb and bolsters this with an incredible story line. And not every track is heavy in the din of control and oppression. "Spleen Song" and "Good Ale" are two perfect examples of alternate topics and sonic approaches. From the opening pure punk "Us vs Them" to the final selection, " Breaking Out", Beat Up travels across genre boundaries with fluid ease. It would be easy to label Satisfied? as a punk album, but it's really so much more. The experience and skill of the musicians and the quality of the song writing illuminate Beat Up as a band to keep an ear on for future releases, while enjoying Satisfied? for now.  

Released on fellow Georgia based label Already Dead Tapes and Records. Satisfied? is a cassette edition of one hundred that has quickly sold to less than ten copies available. They have a live show coming up on August 21st in Duluth, Georgia. Positive Punks Night. This will surely sound good and there will probably be Satisfied? cassettes there for purchase. 


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Nathan Flogamocker said…

This is our self released ep that is coming out on 7”
This August

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