michael slyne - slyne four ( if it shines in the dark , it shines in the light)

When the harmonic oddities become warm and desired, someone is in full control and making beautiful music. Slyne Four is a magical testament to this, eccentric passages blooming like alien flora on old and sinuous live oak branches. The roots of Michael Slyne disappearing deep into simple gorgeous melodies, played on piano or guitar, what holds harmony up. Many songs are sung from the rocking chair on the front porch, concerns left for another day, we are mesmerized now into the moment. 

Slyne Four throws a lot at the listener, a tennis ball with a few sonic burs. Fortunately its an underhand toss and if you get a bur stuck in your thoughts,  Michael Slyne is sure to console and help remove it. Of the nine selections on IV, four are around five minutes long, plus or minus a little. These lengthier selections all have the melodic bones in them, but Michael Slyne is skilled enough to add melody to just about everything. For example, the two minute track "alice krishna" takes piano and a phone call, creating a warm moment in the listening spectrum. There are only two tracks that move away from the richly sustaining melodies, "impulse" and "confessions" breath their own mysterious mojo. Such a nice listen, easily repeated and discoveries abound. 

Released by The Family Stoned consortium. I don't think this a label, but it is where to purchase a very limited cassette edition of only twenty five. There are many Michael Slyne offerings to explore on the bandcamp page, but be sure to listen to IV though, it's pretty special.


The Family Stoned - bandcamp  
Michael Slyne - facebook


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