Peter Kris - No Language For The Feeling

The path we travel continues ahead, details of extraneous features blur.  The process of monotonous movement in particular directions causing thoughts to live only in the sustained motion. This idea can apply to hiking a trail, cycling, a car ride, or life in general. How did i arrive at this frame of thought? On a long bike ride listening to No Language For The Feeling. Looking into the water filled woods, dense and not easy to penetrate. The strings of Peter Kris playing with deep rooted tones, like the essence of life in the overgrowth passing by. Two sensory inputs connecting and becoming tangled in reasons of being. Then No Language For The Feeling changes focus, the woods ends to pavement, a tiny segment of temporal existence was slowed and cherished, all while moving forward.
Describing this mammoth release by Peter Kris is a beautiful but daunting en-devour. Lost in listening so many times... Many of these sounds have a subtle lullaby quality to them, mental pacification for musings of all surroundings. Then the tones change, sometimes sinking deeper into the melancholy or rising into joyous state of energy. Kris maintains a well articulated center throughout No Language For The Feeling. Long moments for listeners to move in their own direction serenaded by the simple beauty music really is. With style and patience, Peter Kris pours melodies from consciousness, as natural as water flowing downward. This sonic energy held in a collection of tracks can reach a wide array of listeners. The timing needs to be appropriate, most people don't listen to punk rock before they fall asleep and No Language For The Feeling needs the same kind of patience it originated from. With conditions in appropriate concord, these sapient selections provide a path to experience the blur beyond routine. The radiance of sound enabling other senses to connect in the moments we are truly awake.
No Language For The Feeling was released in an edition of one hundred and twenty five double cassettes. Part of Garden Portals spring batch. This edition also includes a booklet of original photos by Peter Kris. When Garden Portal released No Language For The Feeling and the thee other compositions in the batch, the sales were quick and conclusive. Fortunately for No Language For The Feeling, there are four physical copies still available for purchase. To add, these four copies are the only physical anything Garden Portal has in hand.



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