Bob Bellerue - Radioactive Desire

We dig into the earth with well designed machines powered by tremendous might. We dig into minds with sonic frequencies wavering to the conscious construct of energy creating them. Both terrestrial excavation and aural infiltration are not explosions moving massive amounts of earth or thoughts, they are finitely precise. Like an archeologist, Bob Bellerue patiently removes the sediment our minds collect. A lattice work of metal strings hovering above a newly awakened state. A droning pool of energy hums below, pulling at dream that will eventually find us. 

Radioactive Desire is massive intensity delivered in a mammoth composition. A sonic landscape filled in extremes, from classical strings of the violin to industrial creations of unknown origin. From the dense presence of the opening selection "The Longest Year", Bob Bellerue warms the mind with a symphonic tune up. Many of the sounds to follow coming together for a first conditioning of the mind. Our thresholds are limbered up and prepared for "Base Feedback". This is a frequency onslaught manifested at bearable levels, but just barely. Like undetected radiation, these sounds warm and mutate thoughts while instilling a slightly uneasy feeling. The next two tracks "Organ Feedback" and "Empty Feedback" cycle more in the empty world of the ocean surface. Sun blazed and windless moments causing the world to burn under droning heavy molecules. "Empty Feedback" slowly forcing things to move, wave after wave of surging frequencies ending any preceding doldrums. Radioactive Desire is the most melodic selection of the composition. Bob Bellerue using what sounds like Native American wind instruments to coax the mind into peyote fueled hallucinations, arriving about halfway through the trip. A beautiful piece helping thoughts find new connections and then new ideas. The last track is the longest and wildest. "Metal Gambuh", like metal gumbo, shattering the structured imagination. A forty minute traverse into images the mind can barely fathom. We hear these sounds in dreams that stay with us as we wake. 

Released on the Elevator Bath label in an edition of three hundred. This composition just began physical sales on August 20th and is available on it's own or with Elevator Bath shirts in either short or long sleeves. There is also an option to purchase in a bundle with the Intoku Inversions compact disc featuring Christian Rønn & Bob Bellerue. The musicians included on many of the selections for Radioactive Desire are Brandon Lopez & Luke Stewart using double bass, Jessica Pavone with organ, Gabby Fluke-Mogul using violin, Ed Bear with baritone sax and of course Bob Bellerue behind everything including electronics.

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