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Shovel Dance Collective / C Joynes - Betwixt & Between 7

Betwixt & Between 7 is a split between the nine member group Shovel Dance Collective and the incredible C Joynes from Cambridge, UK. With three songs each per side, this composition takes listeners to the foundations of traditional folk and the edges of modern creativity. As with previous Betwixt and Between releases, we are treated to the deep sentiment of artists exploring sonic heritage and the places their consciousnesses take them.    Shovel Dance Collective starts everything off with the dirge like "My husband's got no courage in him". An absolutely beautiful lament of a women who finds how passion changes with the knowledge of who someone really is. This version is haunting and drones into life's sorrows. The second track picks up tempo resonating with a more traditional approach to "Merrily kissed the Quaker / Johnny's so long at the fair". Shovel Dance Collective's last selection a version of The Foggy Dew. A beuatifully sung and played

Warble and Fuzz - Various Artist

Warble and Fuzz bends lines to touch many sonic resting places. A collection of artists from the Drongo Tapes label world, sharing twelve tracks in about an hour of time. From cacophonous explosions of beat driven mayhem to placid tranquility of ambient goo, Warble and Fuzz holds ground across extremes. Looking at the the Warble and Fuzz catalog, a few of the artists have had Drongo Tapes releases after this various artist tape was released.    The most recent is Eniks Cave, with a new full length on the label titled The Holy Holy Noisemakers . Eniks Cave's track on Warble and Fuzz, "Glimmer Grass" is a wonderful warmup to what is held in the full length. Aural radiance using musical instruments in vibrancy.    Another artist with a post released full length that is still available is Archival Image. The track titled "Silver Cross" on this various artist tape is the longest in the lineup. A dreamlike waltz into an other world of alien tongues. The cassette full

Charles LaReau - Fluxion

We are bathed in the evaporating warmth from cold mechanical depths. Thoughts falling into the recesses of the mind are gently brought back to the radiance of a flickering fire. Charles LaReau has composed an incredible piece in Fluxion. This aural world is the ambient fluid drone subsides in. We listen and hear not the creatures in the ocean, but the ocean itself. As humans, we are products of this environment, a place of affinity for eons of time. Now, in the most tranquilizing manner, these sonic passages play before us in a cathartic rejuvenation. The mind oozing out responsibilities and worries, emptying to the everything and nothingness that are the beginnings.   Fluxion is three tracks over two sides of a cassette. Somewhere around an hour of sounds. I have listened to this tape many times and in many different places. The feeling that always radiates is that of content. These creations by Charles LaReau have everything. The hollowness of running field recordings in what seems l

Chikiss - Something Natural

Sweetness begins the journey. Like Akira Kurosawa's film Dersu Uzala depiction of friendship in Siberia, Chikiss composes a passage to understanding and friendship. Melodies unfold to spread out a world of sublime pageantry. If you have ever been whisked away as a child on the monorail at Disney World, think of the beautiful details soon to be encountered. Crafted for wonder and enjoyment, we open our imaginations leaving foundations of aberrant lifestyles. Something Natural seems perfect as a title, the way this albums plays out is the natural state we all hope to actualize and be part of. With twelve tracks in tow for Something Natural, the composition covers a fluid diverseness of light and murky melodies. A fanfare parades through in casual cadence on the second track titled "Красные вспышки деревьев". This is followed by the longest track “Time Tunnel” establishing a stunning groove for pacifying daydreams. Shorter tracks gather sonic density then diffuse leav

Dennis Young - Grey Umbrella

Wobble wobble bellows out of the deep beats. Rhythmic grooves trying to hold melodies in, but Dennis Young re-formats sonic sound systems with new creative palates. Intensity is a wonderful abundant ingredient permeating out of Grey Umbrella. A well crafted composition for everything happening at pace and for all things soon to come. These selections cause bodies to move in the mysteriously crashing rhythms of beautifully controlled and magnificent turbulence.   As the vibrating sonic walls shake with the progression of Grey Umbrella's density, we become fully attuned to the collision of so many genres across time. Fourteen tracks splayed out over a half hour of time, Dennis Young is throwing sonic punches at mesmerizing speed. Images of a clay animation landscape, frame movement in sync as cities are built and the sky blinks from day to night. This musical world then invaded by creatures with askew patterns. Perfect melodies traveling at casual speeds are caught by an armament of

PAQ - Hyphae

Take the long ride. Time for daydreams and slippery grooves. Is it wicked dub or humid ambient swampyness? On this long ride, all sounds caress the mind. The beginning has hooks, burrowing in the ears in the most pleasant manner. A prismatic rhythm follows, where sounds from distant islands reach across decades of forgotten time. And in this expanse, the roots of bass and drums have fostered giant trees. Melodies from perched birds sing in beautiful concord from the foundations they rest on.   Hyphae has connections across a wide flow of energy. Genres swirl like eddies drifting apart only to collide again. We dance on these circular footprints, as the world moves in casual cadence of passing celestial features. The most beautiful aspect of sounds from PAQ is the subtle delivery. Worn grooves of cultured generations to the ambient expanse of time and space, focus shifts in unnoticeable changes. Hyphae is a compositional masterpiece fueling arrays of feelings will all wish to enjoy. Tha