Chikiss - Something Natural

Sweetness begins the journey. Like Akira Kurosawa's film Dersu Uzala depiction of friendship in Siberia, Chikiss composes a passage to understanding and friendship. Melodies unfold to spread out a world of sublime pageantry. If you have ever been whisked away as a child on the monorail at Disney World, think of the beautiful details soon to be encountered. Crafted for wonder and enjoyment, we open our imaginations leaving foundations of aberrant lifestyles. Something Natural seems perfect as a title, the way this albums plays out is the natural state we all hope to actualize and be part of.

With twelve tracks in tow for Something Natural, the composition covers a fluid diverseness of light and murky melodies. A fanfare parades through in casual cadence on the second track titled "Красные вспышки деревьев". This is followed by the longest track “Time Tunnel” establishing a stunning groove for pacifying daydreams. Shorter tracks gather sonic density then diffuse leaving a residue of sentiment and tranquility. Haunting notes from forgotten calliopes fill thoughts with a world that has dissolved in times wake. Transitions are exceptionally smooth, like from the vintage folk track "Восток 19" to the hazy eighties gem titled "Progressive Class". This stream immediately sinks into the swirling somberness of "Как вороны" and is pulled back to higher vibrations by "Veda". Something Natural is a journey through old towns with dilapidated structures adjacent to a warm living world of kind hearts and thoughtfulness. Chikiss has created something special we should all take time to experience.
Released on Crash Symbols out of Morgantown, West Virginia. Cassette copies are currently available in an edition of one hundred and fifty. Chikiss is the project of Galina Ozeran. She has an extensive body of work that can be explored easily through these bandcamp sites, chikissecrets and Chikiss. Although the best way to get started is with this Crash Symbols release!




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