Charles LaReau - Fluxion

We are bathed in the evaporating warmth from cold mechanical depths. Thoughts falling into the recesses of the mind are gently brought back to the radiance of a flickering fire. Charles LaReau has composed an incredible piece in Fluxion. This aural world is the ambient fluid drone subsides in. We listen and hear not the creatures in the ocean, but the ocean itself. As humans, we are products of this environment, a place of affinity for eons of time. Now, in the most tranquilizing manner, these sonic passages play before us in a cathartic rejuvenation. The mind oozing out responsibilities and worries, emptying to the everything and nothingness that are the beginnings.
Fluxion is three tracks over two sides of a cassette. Somewhere around an hour of sounds. I have listened to this tape many times and in many different places. The feeling that always radiates is that of content. These creations by Charles LaReau have everything. The hollowness of running field recordings in what seems like industrial spaces and a burning energy that is the spark of all we are. Two worlds meshed together so perfectly, there is only one. This is the place we know at the moment, a place vacuous of life superimposed by the unseen energy that is spiritual energy itself. This reads as a heavy description, but Fluxion is weightless. It is difficult to describe this beautiful emptiness!

Released on Gertrude Tapes in an edition of in an edition of fifty. Copies quickly sold out from the label. Discovered that there are still physical copies for sale from the bluescreen label in Shanghai, China. This is the bandcamp page link

Also included is Charles LaReau's selection for the label No Part of It's box set from various artists titled ESCHATOLOGY. This track is titled "The Mirror 314" and is from Charles' Das Torpedoes project.




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