Raphi Gottesman - The Clarity of Dawn

The sky slightly changes hue from dark to the farthest shade of grey. Morning awakens in the most gentle rise, an attribute only attune with the rotation of the planet. The grey shade lightens and becomes stained with deep orange hues. Then eventually a ray of lights pierces down, illuminating an infinitesimal feature on the surface. Compared with the brightened area degrees forward in longitude, the is just beginning. Water vapor heats and becomes invisible while shadows of early dawn diminish. Radiating energy helps the world below synchronize and fall in place. The days events have begun to turn like an infinite amount of sprockets rotating together. This description is how The Clarity of Dawn plays throughout. A slowly warming build promoting happiness, introspection, mystery and tranquility.

From the opening track, "Black Coffee and the News", Raphi Gottesman captures feelings and escorts them on the most pleasant sonic journey. Each selection a small movement in time, like a cloud passing across the sun, the first stirring breeze in front of of thundershower, then brightness from the turbulence, The Clarity of Dawn holds these moments for thoughts to absorb. Listen to the transition between "Who Painted These Sparrows?" and "Side Lily (RG rework)". Hear somber introspection change to budding warmth. Raphi's guitar tones and style provide the stellar structure for the day to carry it's beauty. The addition of other artists adding fluid diversity and heightened interest. Like the sci-fi story told by Jon Bernson on "What Happened to Our Planet?", completely intriguing. And the list of talented artists/musicians is lengthy, Simon Beins, Yea-Ming Chen, Torben Fugger, Lewis Gorham, Mark Kuykendall, Adrian Michna & Michael James Tapscott. Everyone adding to make a day in the world of sound, the most pleasantly interesting memorable experience. 
Lost in a Sea of Sound appreciated the opportunity to listen and describe Raphi Gottesman's preceding composition titled Signed, Noisemaker. This was released on Fluere Tapes over six years ago. Now, after a long period of creative build up, AOsmosis Records from Lahnstein, Germany has released The Clarity of Dawn. There are two editions totaling one hundred and nine physical copies. The silver edition with silver tape shell and numbered with non-prime numbers has eighty created. The prime edition totaling twenty nine has bronze tape shells, hand numbered with prime numbers and an additional download card for a seven track E.P. titled This Voice Will Not Hold Out Its Hand. The E.P. was released in 2019 and is available as a digital only edition from AOsmosis Records. 

The Clarity of Dawn is excellent and has sonic appeal for everyone. Thank you Raphi.


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AOsmosis Records site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter