Günter Schlienz - Unstet

Two dogs laying side by side with backs to each other. They are beneath my feat and completely content. Many times this has happened in some form of dog napping, but i am always busy with stuff to do, things to complete. Today writing might be the thing, the music of Guenter Schlienz plays in the foreground. While looking at the dogs, thoughts began to form on how very special this is. They could sleep anywhere in the house, but they choose to be next to me. Listening to this recent release titled Unstet, there is a realization of how artists connect with us in levels we sometimes miss the strength and emotion of. Artist's music plays in the background while we are busy tasking time to finish responsibilities. Even with the musicians we follow and love, there are still moments of explosive realization on how special the relationship is and what it means to us. This is one of those moments...

Unstet is another massive composition by Guenter Schlienz. The timbre and tones he chooses to use are reflective and contemplating. You can here the nostalgic metronome clicking in a faded black and white photo. The image depicts a young person with a concerned grin as an adult looms over them while playing the piano. A few pictures later, we see a washed out color image of a young man with longer hair holding a way to big guitar, the grin has become a true smile. Unstet plays in thoughts and has transformed. Meditations of dream like upbringings have pushed past, we explore the moment now. The solace with favorite artists has been invigorated once again. Undisturbed listening providing opportunity to follow sonic pathways to the thresholds of harmony. Guenter Schlienz  has pulled me in with a sonic grin and pushed consciousness towards aural meadows of unknown beauty. The dogs still sleep back to back under my feet. They have no idea where i have gone to experience this exquisiteness of life, but they will know the love my journey with Unstet has energized me with. 

This is the first release on the new label Meditape. This is a new subsidiary label from the long running Sanity Muffin based in Oakland, California. Günter Schlienz's cassette release Unstet is an an edition of one hundred and currently available. The label already has a second release with Glasgow artist Ostrofti. A composition titled Sudden Vision Iones and also in an edition of one hundred. Both release have artwork designed by Jetter Green


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