Guenter Schlienz - Music That Glows In The Dark

Guenter Schlienz has shifted once again, away from the material plane. He rests with occluded presence in the periphery aural expanse. Waving hands over transposed keyboards, theremins or the virtual semblance of what once required analog contact. In this new realm, flora and fauna saturate the sonic upheaval. The natural world returning to provide both time and space, it's most plentiful resource. There remain connections though, lulling rhythms stippened across a canvas of other worldly melodies, out of this world lullabies and the prolifically creative mind of Guenter Schlienz.
Music That Glows In The Dark is four tracks around forty minutes in length. Guenter Schlienz seamlessly amalgamates the mechanical process of a massive organ releasing air and the ethereal vibrato of synthesizers in the earliest morning's twilight. Adding creative instrumentation from David Colohan with voice, Niko playing drums and the piano of Masako Kamikawa, Music That Glows In The Dark embodies sublime sonic details and mysterious depth. Like a satellite traveling on in infinite galactic journey, the aged hull is a nostalgic connection to empty space and solar systems on the horizon. The sounds of home glow within the enclosed circuitry while energy radiates in massive oscillations from the surrounding expanse.   

Releases in an edition of one hundred by Eiderdown Records from Seattle. At this point, "classic" Eiderdown artwork by Max Clotfelte. Unfortunately all physical editions are sold out from the label. 

Guenter Schlienz - bandcamp