Asher & Jordan - Foliage

Tranquil melt energetic gooeyness. Excuse the last attempt at a real word, because it is not. But i really enjoy something so cohesive that it is gooey. Foliage is the sticky icky ambient, the place or sound you want to hear or be for the afternoon sun shadows. Elongated thoughts, a pool of cool and crisp water only lasting a second until full immersion is actualized. Then we float. A thick medium of sonic refreshment, don't stray from the Florida analogies, just listen to the sounds. It's freakin' hot this summer, Foliage is the gorgeous lush growth creating a magnificent shade for percolating thoughts.  
I am not the person writing to sell you something. I am simply a person connecting with my personal moments and those of the artists being absorbed. If it does not work in the moment i am in, and is still paramount for description, then another passage of time is completely deserved. There is nothing wrong with this, actually adjusting to the complexities of creativity by artist is a virtue i have grown to cherish dearly. But then there are compositions that hit you like the perfect wave. The mind stands up riding the face knowing the energy will take you as far in as needed. Foliage is beautiful, simple and iconic beautiful. Sounds traversing time with an elegance beyond comprehension. The perfect listen from the first time you dive in, the perfect listen for the moments you know you will need it. Thank you Airick Asher Woodhead and Jordan Christoff. And thank you as always Crash Symbols.

Released on cassette in an  edition of a copious one hundred and fifty. Just enough to catch  the overflow of new listeners to take hold. Crash Symbols adding asterisks or creating ingenious excel sheets... not sure what they are doing to release incredible music? Just simply enjoying the beautiful diversity of each new release.... for so many years now....