Susana López - The Edge of the Circle

The "Black Circle" has surrounded thoughts. Drifting freely in the grey ethereal has ended with a gravitational pull towards a spherical point. Is there gravity within the conscious or does the mind gravitate to more focused thoughts, both welcomed and feared? The second and longest track on the newest release by Susana López begins to generate this question. Deep droning ambient energy harboring a higher pitched counterpart. A fathomless bottom churns while burning radiance sears with piercing radiation. Paralyzed with the unknown abyss below and a neutralizing white light, the second track in on this composition titled "Black Circle" has caused significant agitation. Unfortunately there is little relief because this aural nightmare is followed by a "Swarm of Drones". Massive tones causing both earth and sky to continually quiver as a beautifully light less pitch of emptiness engulfs a captured mind.   

As a fan of Susana López through elevator bath, thoughts are directed to the longest track on the Susana López  / elevator bath previous release titled Crónica De Un Secuestro. Twenty minutes of the final selection titled "The Last Wave" prepares listeners for the more ominous and follow up composition, The Edge of the Circle. The opening track to this new release titled "Soul Stuff", is a gentle transition from "The Last Wave" to three thought rendering neural neutralizers. Lengthy spinning donescapes with higher pitched centrifugal energy causing incapacity to contemplate. These three selections are gloriously deep, a tunnel from the cosmos to the infinitesimal submicroscopic world. And after thirty five minutes or more of immobilizing drone, as a gentle signature of benevolent sonic world creation, Susana López releases the grave restraints, removing tethers for conscious flow from the concentric harness. But not without a sleeping metronomic tic within "Concentric", foreshadowed passages to come from the last mysterious ethereal humidity on The Edge of the Circle. A complete composition so beautiful and compelling, all the time for this one.
Released on elevator bath in compact disc format. The The Edge of the Circle is housed in a full-color 6-panel digipak with  dreamlike Susana López artwork in spot gloss printing. Of one hundred and fifty Crónica De Un Secuestro releases, there are only five remaining. Fortunately, The Edge of the Circle is in an edition of two hundred, allowing more listeners to support and have a physical embodiment of these incredible sounds and art. Currently both Susana López  / elevator bath releases are available and should be purchased together for the handful of opportunities that remain. The physical editions of Susana López discography prior to elevator bath are unavailable. This is an excellent note for how beautiful both Susana López  and elevator bath are.