Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson - Landv​æ​ttirnar fj​ó​rar

Look into the natural setting placed before us. Understand or lives in brief moments, while the world around exists in epochs. An average size tree might equal the length of a single human existence, river contours or mountain ranges multiply this factor exponentially. For the most part, with knowledge, we can understand the process of how things have come to be. What escapes our wisdom is the duration of periods of time. Seeing continents collide then drift apart again, evolutionary equilibrium giving rise to infinite varieties of flora and fauna and erosion of gorges resulting in fantastic waterfalls. Yes, we know the facts to the end result, but still have no comparable clue on the length of cycles involved. 

The sounds of Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson help connect these vast blocks of time with present day. An orchestra of primordial essence, tones and rhythms reaching past future directions. We listen in this moment only to hear the symphonic cacophony of the mode of being. A slow and most patient march into the distant future lying beyond average lifespans. Strings vibrate with quirky like motions of long legged birds stepping across shallow water. Air billows from volcanic vent holes and finds focus with tuned bamboo flutes. Pops, clicks and clacks from insects and reptiles, legs gliding across terrains onle to break and reform more fluidly adept in preceding generations. Landv​æ​ttirnar fj​ó​rar is connected to the story of the king of Denmark and the struggles for new territories. The fabled "Land Wights" blocking his exploration of Iceland and becoming the cherished protectors of future generations. This is a super abbreviated description, there is more on Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson's bandcamp page and much to explore online concerning the "Land Wights". Landv​æ​ttirnar fj​ó​rar is an aural odyssey for the conscious. Thoughts will carry through time.
Released on Carrier Records in compact disc format. Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson has had two previous release on the label, Sinf​ó​n​í​a in 2020 and Horpma in 2011. Landv​æ​ttirnar fj​ó​rar is a very limited edition CD-R. The packaging is hand made with the use of very old manual printers and special ink. The artwork was done by Sam T. Rees. Copies are available. The edition used for this description is on white card stock, maybe a promo copy?


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