Jakub Kasperkiewicz - Astronomical Winter

Trees filled with the vibrant green hue of late summers linger. The jet stream dips, bringing the impetus for yellows, oranges and reds to press the green away. All to soon colors begin to fall, the last signature remaining is dark brick fired red interspersed  with a sea of barren browns. Nature has been burned by the onset of Astronomical Winter. A long period of cold gray scale endlessness. Swirling drones of brisk energy that reaches deep into the core of all present. The skies clear for periodic days of pristine sunlight. The depths of dormancy fully illuminated, as the mind forms thoughts on shapes and forms only seen in the skeletal expanse. 
Jakub Kasperkiewicz has found beautiful warmth in the cold colorless desolation. Five selections filled with ambient raw energy. A fire burning through the night, flames flickering in an invisible battle against the lash of winter chill. These selections reach deep into the heart, there is a mysterious passion providing nostalgic exuberance. Through the entire listen a feeling of somber mirthless juxtaposes qualities held far within the spirit. Astronomical Winter posses attributes from many seventies and eighties compositions of intense sublimity. These ears keep hearing the 1986 album "Zamia Lehmanni - Songs Of Byzantine Flowers" by SPK. Astronomical Winter being much more subdued, but sharing heightened magnificence. Another gorgeous connection of floating vastness is vidnaObmana's "Subterranean Collective". Both artist touching a world void of lush vibrancy but filled with an undercurrent of searing heaviness.  Astronomical Winter is easily listened to so many times. 

Released by Geology Records in a very limited edition of fifty cassettes. As with almost all Geology Records releases, Astronomical Winter comes with a full color slipcase. If your in Europe, order a copy form Jakub Kasperkiewicz's bandcamp page and save on cost. Don't wait, this one will be gone soon.


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