Comfort Link – Cement Music

An echoing voice hypnotizes thoughts as the tape chirps in a high pitched squeal. These are the noises heard just before the cassette tape piles up within the player. Investigating is like pulling boiling spaghetti from the pot to see if it is done. This medium has been cooked. Fortunately the sounds emitting from Cement Music is not the tape player eating beloved cassettes, Cement Music is the sounds of Comfort Link eating away at you mind. And with complete masochistic pleasure, the volume knob is turned clockwise. 
When listening to sound and music the most desired quality for me is raw creativity. There is not really anything that can top this. The newest release from Comfort Link is a testament to these sought after sonic calibers. Aural connections within Cement Music are extremely strong. Hearing the heartbeat of the artist, their sounds traveling neural paths to reach the most inaccessible portions of our conscious. Eliciting a mesmerizing contemplative reaction for hardened ears. Patient, heavy, foreboding, mysterious, rhythmic, simply creative heartfelt genius. Deep rumbling tones overlaid with static confusion. A voice surfacing beyond congruent dimensions, a voice trying to relay messages of prosperity or doom? From the tones within the later would be more the answer. Sonic menacing, like headhunters sounding distant drums. Everything extra are the distractions before shrunken noggins adorn the shaman's hut. Lots of love for Comfort Link, excellent sounds.

Released on cassette by s P L e e N C o F F i N in an unknown number. This is the fifth release for Comfort Lin on s P L e e N C o F F i N over the last ten years. There does not seem to be much information on who Comfort Link is. Also, with a good number of releases out there, Cement Music and Behind the Console with Comfort Link on Miami's HologramLabel, are the only compositions that can be purchased or heard. Heavy mystery on this project.