Colin Andrew Sheffield - Don't Ever Let Me Know

Touching on cosmic extremities, Colin Andrew Sheffield composes an aural odyssey with grandeur beyond imagination. Sonic manifestations from places of pristine beauty, never heard before by human conscious. Dense forces approaching, colliding and partially disintegrating into the farthest fathoms of recessed thought. Sound collages bound in flowing unison, a path so vibrantly detailed, the way back is impossible to comprehend. And the overall tone from Don't Ever Let Me Know tenuously balances on the crater rim of an active volcano. Bubbling energy exploding with grave resonance towards the simmering vent, tangent to aeonic fields of tranquil lands below.    

Don't Ever Let Me Know is two side long tracks with equal length. The selection titles are the album title with the definitive (Charms) and (Bliss) in parentheses after. After listening, the first side (Charms) seems to be a bit more turbulent than (Bliss). Not to the point of one side being cacophonous and the other tranquil, because within both sides of Don't Ever Let Me Know there are moments of both. (Charms) seems to be more volatile though, more might and colliding aural forces. (Bliss) has longer moments of tempered serenity, with casual up welling of sonic solar flares. This is really the true joy of listening to the full run of Don't Ever Let Me Know. Colin Andrew Sheffield begins with a glorious creative ability to gently overwhelm listeners and then begins deep listening titration for a return to the beginning. One last descriptive note, the sound finish or mastering on Don't Ever Let Me Know is absolutely superb. This being a result of Colin Andrew Sheffield's experience in creating music and curating a label with the same like mindedness, coupled with Don't Ever Let Me Know being mastered with the beautiful knowledge of James Plotkin. 
Released by the German label aufabwegen on black vinyl. A very limited tun of two hundred copies housed in striking jackets with special spot glass printing. This spot glass includes both title lettering and photography by Colin Andrew Sheffield's father Allen W. Sheffield, whom the album is dedicated too as well.