Jan Matiz - II

In the delightful moments of warm and heartfelt melodies. This is the arcadian landscape Jan Matiz creates and shares on his newest release titled II. Reverberating melodies from the lush sounds of guitar occasionally infused with a future world of electronic beats and fanfare. These selections hold listeners in a richly woven world of euphonious manna. Inoculating tranquility with playful sonic canine named glitchy holding youthful attention. 

With eight tracks included in this composition, II is a fully cultivated release. The first side exploring extensive variations in tone and feeling. The tempo is aligned with the daily arc of the sun. Magnificently paced with harmonies radiating in both augmenting and subsiding intensity. With the addition of cello from musician Beate Wolff on the third track "Medderland", II seems to plunge into a gorgeous chamber music setting. On the second side, Jan Matiz divides a track titled "Kleiner Song" into three parts. These selections focus more on a carried melody and its transformative properties of the course of time. Cycling from pure guitar to electronics and all states in between. This makes up most of the second side less the last track, "Hongerige Wolf" where Beate Wolff guests with the cello again. A beautiful closing piece for a well developed composition. 

Jan Matiz is the project of Marius Mathiszik. II is a cassette release on the label tier.debut currently operating from Athens, Greece. This release is scheduled for April 20th and will be available digitally, and a very limited physical edition of cassettes. Each tape will be housed in a linen sleeve with singularly unique hand painted designs by Greek artist Katerina Giannopoulou. There is no pre-order link available, but here is the bandcamp page for tier.debut. There is also no digital sample of II for sharing at the moment. Will update when Marius gets everything ready. The bandcamp player has been embeded and is ready for listening!

tier.debut - bandcamp