Lunaria - Venus in Transit

Sounds dancing in cosmic movement as saturating solar rays are eclipsed by planetary bodies. Aural depths explored with beautiful ease as sounds vibrantly shutter through conscious awareness. Celestial spheres moving in timeless patterns, this composition is a soundtrack to a place beyond atmospheres. Venus in Transit is a heavy burner, with rhythms arriving like starlight, over ten billion years in transit. We listen with wonder, origins so far removed yet still filling minds with spectacular sense. And with all the heaviness oozing from this beautiful piece, fissures of emptiness are heard with moving clarity as an ethereal mist rests gently above. A subtle melding of spiritual and the eternal cosmos creating the cosmic dance we can now vividly imagine. 
Lunaria is Daniel Guillén and Venus in Transit is another empyrean slab of electronic fire. Six tracks weighing in just under the hour mark, having time for transforming thoughts and their emotional effects. These selections do just that, rhythms and beats pulled apart by gravitational forces, creating lush droning emptiness, a palate for the cycle to begin again. Daniel Guillén has special talent for posing massive temporal sounds with incorporeal sonic aura. A serene and moving composition built for many listens.

Released on Aural Canyon in a cassette edition. Not sure how many tapes make up the label's editions, but there are only six remaining from their bandcamp store. The Lunaria bandcamp site also has physical copies for sale and will be a better choice for anyone in Europe.


Lunaria - bandcamp - instagram
Aural Canyon - bandcamp