Quantum Waterfall - s/t

Giant sonic globules dropping from modular synthesizers. Listeners caught in the refreshing precipitation of Quantum Waterfall. A tranquilizer, heavy saturation for the blistered conscious. Aural salve applied in thick sticky swaths, minds shinning like freshly glossed lips with a poppy seed flavor. Somewhere in this considerable listening experience air is needed because Quantum Waterfall goes deep down. Pressure pressure of the most desired kind, swaddling thoughts with a primordial echo looking towards evolution's mysterious pathway. Not trying to describe too heavy because this composition is a diving bell just a the depth of the most beautiful coral reef. Deep, but still thriving with unobstructed light. 

Quantum Waterfall is the beautiful place a mile or so up the trail. Not much is known of the origins or history, only you need to keep going for another clip to hear and see this natural shrouded wonder. Fortunately in this dreamy world pressing play is the extent of physical exertion, but as with every seminal body of sonic serenity, time and a thirsty mind need to be part of the total experience. With five long and gorgeous tracks within this composition, all of them flow together in the gooey modular current. There are moments of shallow travel, with air and light inspiring lofty revelations and then there are the deepest tones. The place conscious rest and the unknown realm beyond takes over.

Released on Fluere Tapes in a incredibly limited run of only a few dozen cassettes. Currently available from the label, but will be gone as almost all in the label's catalog are presently.


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