Günter Schlienz - Hundstage

The crystal perfect ambient tranquility of Günter Schlienz has filled with a sonic brume of divergent rhythms. Like an aural Droste effect, a few of Günter Schlienz's newer compositions are the ever augmenting infinite detail of the the first listening of his work. The small variations in drone like serenity, pebbles dropped into glassy water, are now the ripples extending over time and through conscious. Hundstage is the story of melodies told in accelerated dreamlike technicolor. A continuing metamorphosis of style and sound finding graceful grooves to slowly blur through thoughts. Sonic notes as a sequences playing in some futuristic variable of the Hilbert transform. Günter Schlienz's impressive prolific creativity working deep into all recesses of our thirsty minds. 

Hundstage holds nine selections delivered in just under an hour. Many of Günter's tracks verge towards a beautifully haunting cosmos of winding mysterious pathways. Places where listeners are gently driven by rhythms through flickering lucid realities of voice and timeless melody. Sometimes a page turning photo album of past faces through experience and other times views through a observatory window on a far reaching spacecraft. Hundstage  holds many enigmas best left to enjoy rather than explain. The longest selection, "erdfarbene ewigkeit, samendes weltall", takes all sonic components within Hundstage, coalescing them into a sublimely subdued showpiece. 

Released on a new label from Poland called Blue Marble 1972. The label has three compact discs in their first batch, all recently available just over four weeks ago. The Hundstage edition is housed in a six panel, full color glossy digipack. All three releases are limited to two hundred editions and all three releases are currently availble to purchase through the label's bandcamp page

All of these releases are worth some time to listen to. Very eloquent start for Blue Marble 1972!


Blue Marble 1972 - bandcamp - facebook
Guenter Schlienz - bandcamp