Jason Kahn / Gretchen Korsmo / AF Jones / Andrew Weathers - The Foot of the Sky

Internal sounds from a quartet of highly attuned artists. The Foot of the Sky rests on the edge of a binary star system, unveiling both nostalgia and the unfamiliar. Beautifully, these two side long tracks pull us close to the heart. Unprecedentedly four artists take listeners to otherworldly vistas. A place where sound and thought blur with a trepid tranquility into the conscious. Quivering electronic stabilizing into deep footprints within the snow as the blanketing whiteness saturates the stem of thought. The Foot of the Sky seems to be titled as a cultural description of a star constellation. The sounds within are equally pinpointed. Delightfully mesmerized by a rich blanket of aural focal points slowly rotating in the sky.

The Foot in the Sky is composed by Jason Kahn, Gretchen Korsmo, AF Jones and Andrew Weathers. Released in a cassette edition of fifty by the Personal Archives label. Copies are currently available from the label's bandcamp page

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