Boyle - Pieces of Eight

A blur of strings sounding across intense radioactive frequencies of wind instruments. Pieces of Eight takes listeners through eight selections, all in the eight minute realm of length. An orchestra playing a symphony in present time, the constructs of perceived music have eroded leaving crystalline identities for current listeners. We listen to the inner heartbeat of Boyle. A place of curious beauty from initial intake, but more of the heart felt warmth resting within all of us. Pieces of Eight breathes within these selections. The instruments seethe in accord to a meditative conscious, the propensity to explode with a violent cacophony of sound held in pristine gorgeousness by experience and patience. These eight selections slowly dance through time with a precise clarity and serene charm.
Released on compact disc by Personal Archives. There are only fifty discs in this edition and they are sure to be gone very soon. Boyle has a compact disc titled Psych​-​Jazz Collage I also released on Personal Archives in 2022. There are only a few of these physical editions remaining. I think Pieces of Eight is more accessible for a wider audience, holding sounds in restrained compassion and understanding. 


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