Lisa Cameron, Alex Cunningham - Chasms

Sounds with erosive potential, a plunge into the basic sonic elements. Wind and water, violin and drums, this is the "100-year flood" for the conscious to not be swept away. Chasms is raw and angular energy, a true storm built around a multiple-vortex tornado. Lisa Cameron and Alex Cunningham surge with heavy mite then recede with mysterious patience. Their creativity at the individual level rests past the threshold of knowledge, their creativity together rests in unknown dimensions. At first listen, Chasms simply tears everything down. It is not until we listen a few more times that we begin to place the alphabet blocks in some manner of beginning to understand. And even then, Chasms is a foreign language that sounds intense and beautiful without truly knowing what is being said. 

Alex Cunningham is the harsh winds filled with sand particles or sub zero temps, Lisa Cameron is the water gently dripping and then pummeling with explosive power. Thoughts, conscious and listeners in the path of these sonic wave forms need to prepare. These two artists will change all perception creating deep canyons in the peaceful landscape of sounds we reside in. Three distinct pieces on this lengthy compact disc.
Chasms will be released on March 7th by the label Waveform Alphabet on compact disc. Copies are in pre-order at the artists bandcamp page.


Waveform Alphabet - bandcamp 
Chasms - bandcamp