Meadow Argus - The Palace II

Warped radio with warped sounds transmitting to a blistering world of chaotic energy and enigmatic solace. The Palace II pulls your hand through imagination's umbra, hearing accentuated with each step. Then someone speaks out with a startling "sorry", only to disappear in a murky confluence of molten sound waves. Suddenly a public service announcements for kids, almost like we are listening as alien lifeforms to transmissions form earth. Sound space quivers through dimensional tunnels as time shrivels in the path of carried sonic momentum. This is all from the first side of the cassette! After the flip, Meadow Argus' composition ciphers in both rhythm and melody. A child "in the ocean", vanishes in the Seafoam Green. The Palace juts above the horizon with angular droning construct, The Fortress of Solitude exuding tranquilizing sonic energy. As the composition turns to close, Meadow Argus bends everything, shaping sounds as they abate in our conscious, sparking the mind back to reality. 

Total length of this release is around forty five minutes. With all the obscure creativity within this composition, there maintains a very fluid listening experience. Internal vibrations resting in all of us are connected and fired up, making the Palace II warm and fulfilling. As we listen, the understanding of Meadow Argus' talent unveils with the seemingly sheer ease of creating fascinating complex aural worlds. Creating this composition might be far from easy, but nothing feels forced even though everything is different. That is the beauty.
Released on Tynan Tapes Temporal in a very limited edition of thirty two cassettes. Each j card is hand painted by Pearl Morgan making every edition one of a kind and unique. In May of 2022, The Palace was released on the FlopHouse label and is currently available as well.


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