Paradise of Yesterday - Enigmatic

Streetlights glowing on empty roads as the night slips away and into the dark horizon of the early morning. Lonely thoughts propelled by unfulfilled energy, the windshield distorting artificial light in rhythmic intervals. The sounds from Enigmatic vibrate the speakers creating tranquilizing melodies in moody comfort. Lost in the moment of the experiences of the recent night and what waits in the abstract distance. Are we coming down from an evening of pleasure or just beginning? The Paradise of Yesterday somehow captures all the emotion from Bob Seger's Turn The Page delivering it in one future blurred Enigmatic delightfully desolate opus. 
Enigmatic is the newest release of a prolific run of compositions by Paradise of Yesterday. Take a quick look at their bandcmap page to see how much sound the have created. The twelve selections on this release gather dim light and dark shadows, stirring an ocular experience into sonic succulence. Feelings completely adjust to the sublime slow thundering texture of melody and rhythm. This is a tape to hold on to, let it find its way to you when the temper of contemplation needs the correctly dialed combination opened.  

Released on Crash Symbols in an edition of one hundred and fifty. Cassettes are currently available form the label's bandcamp page.


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