Sequences - A​́​gua Viva

Sounds are linked to the moment we hear them. With eyes open, we absorb the world around us creating a soundtrack while basking in the energy of sound waves. With eyes closed, the conscious travels deeper to the sonic source, searching for the mysterious constructs. With each process, other senses build on the instance of the experience. Is it cold or hot, calm or stormy, devoid of smell or filled with nostalgic aromas? And finally are we really ready to listen? Distractions move sublime sonic compositions out of focus, background cacophony, distant melodic allure partitioned by a variable world. The sounds within A​́​gua Viva are a verdant enigmatic rendition of written words by the writer Clarice Lispector. Insightful and poignant, the composer Sequences (Niels Geybels) reaches deep within our spirits. The aural heaviness settles gently. A tempered fog of tranquility obscuring the graveness of our tenuous existence. 

Niels Geybels builds upon field recordings from his travels. Water is a principal component. Fluid, changing, powerful, and mesmerizing, parallel to the written words of Clarice Lispector. There is no real understandable beginning or end, the current moment is the shape of all of us. Water, words, sounds, all transforming within their own entity and simultaneously transfiguring the physical and spiritual existing contiguity. Sequences has channeled this energy into A​́​gua Viva. Listening unveils the unseen connection between consciousnesses, Niels Geybels, Clarice Lispector and the listener. A​́​gua Viva provides a beautiful perspective for the heart to warm with. A very gorgeous composition that has the ability to comfort many minds. 
Releasing on Elevator Bath around March 15th. This is a compact disc edition of two hundred, cd's rest inside, full-color, six-panel digipak, with Elevator Bath's "traditional" spot gloss printing. The artwork is created by Sequences. Another highly attractive work, both in sound and presentation for the Elevator Bath catalog. Physical copies are in pre-order stage.


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