Zosha Warpeha - Silver Dawn

Nomadic sonic passages drifting on the Mongolian Plateau, playing suite to endless horizons as a rich canvass for celestial light. The cold, dry chill of air moving in nocturnal directions, harmony like ice crystals forming in unseen time and place. Intricate aural geometry majestically spilling as a frozen waterfall, natural energy morphing from beautiful to breathtaking. The sounds within this composition traverse many emotions, from the connectivity of spirit through generations, to the native terrains experiences are formed. The gorgeous melodies exuding from creative conscious to yearning minds are perfectly composed on this debut release titled Silver Dawn. 
Zosha Warpeha is a composer with an affinity for capturing listeners with awe inspiring colorful leaves on a deeply rooted tree of life. Creativity gently undulating on sonic stems protruding from solid branches, improvised composition held with reverence to tradition. Silver Dawn is a solo recording by Zosha playing the Hardanger d'amore and using voice. An instrument with bonds to the Norwegian hardingfele and Baroque viola d'amore, played with infinite patience and celestial space. Zosha Warpeha has included thirteen selections on Silver Dawn. Deeply thoughtful passages balanced with molecular energy of moving electrons, the combination creating a gravitational pull for external meditative thought and heartfelt warmth. The aural dynamic Zosha's solo creations manifest will be unique to each listener. This will transform with each listen over time and space. This makes Silver Dawn an elegant complexity, a body of music filled with new experiences emerging with each repeated listen. 

This release is scheduled for May 3rd on Relative Pitch Records. The physical copy used for the words above is a compact disc. Not sure if there will be other formats, but the disc is beautifully packaged and sounds incredible. Keep an ear on bandcamp for release updates. Relative Pitch Records will have updates as well.


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