Hands Like Clouds - Mountain King

Space and the places in between, we look and listen over lifetimes to see and hear the brief moments of flickered reality. Was it real? Maybe a light refraction, shadow, or sub conscious sonic manifestation. Am I experiencing the fringes of thought burn and contract or is dimensional awareness beginning to narrow into one comprehensible spectrum? Looking down from an angular earth made precipice, the deep below faintly chimes like a dying flavor from overcooked stew. There is a vivid alternate reality branding chosen lines, a place so real yet dancing beyond physical acquisition. Like the air or water, once removed from gravity's planting, unseen currents move us as molecules. Everything forward is the new three hundred and fifty nine degrees as the top and bottom have blinking greens arrows pointing in opposite directions. But there always is the trudge through something think and mysterious. The currents beckon with whimsical allure, while actual transition grins with discard of the strenuous effort. It's never easy to cross, that's why there are bridges and portholes, horses and planes. There is the in between.

Mountain King, you know is either the most grand mountain or the most well hidden secret. In this experience, fractals of both create and aural composition expanding through both directions. Sounds rhythmically induce transformative sedation while an electric surge moves in powerful grace. The terminology of Hands Like Clouds could be Popol Vu resting while new dreams stir. A kaleidoscope turn of early eastern European folk and the circular stone monuments before it. But the tool of listening delight is a future of possibilities. A place were infinite confluences agree on harmony and cosmic balance.
Released on Blue Marble 1972 from Poland. Copies are available on cd in an edition of two hundred. Hands Like Clouds is a side project Ghosts of Breslau. The Mountain King was originally released in 2014 by Ghosts of Breslau collaboration with The Joy of Nature from Portugal, together as Hands Like Clouds. There has been only one sale of the CDr and none of the cassette on Discogs from the 2014 original extremely limited release by the disappeared Polish label BDTA. So.... What do we have here??? The first re release of an sonic ensnaring composition in ten years. Excellent thought by Blue Marble 1972 on making these sounds new and available once more. Gorgeous art work encompassing pure compact disc pleasure.


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