Elkhorn & Mike Gangloff - Shackamaxon Concert

Beauty and the endurance to appreciate the ever present manifestation. Elkhorn and Mike Gangloff pour this elixir. High guitar filled with singular clarity, hardanger filled with the push and pull of evolving generations. Sounds mirroring life's intricacies of happiness and struggle, moments in time when the confluences of age and energy radiate with the most primal patterns. We are a pack of consciousness, looking out, panting and chewing just a little on the world around us. For all the work needed to hold place in civilizations current, this composition by Elkhorn and Mike Ganfloff listens as a tranquil anchor for the blur around us. 
With just a brief notion, the guitar and hardanger radiating from the Shackamaxon Concert connects deeply to the roots of all music we know. A sparkling morning sun, or the shadowy flickers of a fireside dance, telling descriptive stories for the sound within. These two side long tracks are true ragas, the breath of spirit in the cyclic moment of each and everyday. Mountain peaks and the valleys below, their appeal vastly different but the splendor they both radiate are simple slices of the whole. The is the gorgeousness that is Shackamaxon Concert. The fattest sonic slices of the juiciest fruit, dripping with succulence both bitter and sweet. 
Released on the label VHF on heavy vinyl from Smashed Plastic in Chicago. The vibrant artwork by Jake Blanchard. The recording was taken from their 2022 collaborative tour. This is a limited press, the exact number is not noted on VHF's website. Mike Gangloff has a recent solo release on VHF titled Evening Measures and Drew Gardner and Jesse Sheppard have a new Elkhorn release on VHF coming up in August titled The Red Valley.


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