Fratar - Terrain

Thoughts raised aloft and conveyed through time. Melodies blur with nostalgic tones and future mechanics. Terrain is a composition with the heart of late sixties west Germany transposed on circuit boards housed in plastic cartridges. Sounds echoing the vibrancy existing in every moment from past to present, casting impressions for a distant future. The grooves in this composition swell and crash the conscious. A tangle of toe tapping rhythms radiating between the towering cumulus clouds. Shadows of melancholy chiptunes mixing with refreshing rain on hot summer days. This is the complexity of Terrain, a free an outwardly projecting joyfulness swirling with thoughtful introspection. 
Fratar is the long running project of Frank Prager. His work on Terrain begins with analog synthesizers and floats with unvarnished processing. The transitions through selections are subtle and fluid. A well seasoned fire burning with orange hued coals, the intensity drawing listeners together with connected spirit. It is easy to get lost in Terrain and repeat listens is a most welcome quality for this composition.  

Released on Cosmic Winnetou in a very limited edition of forty hand numbered copies. Cassettes are sold out from the label but may still be available from Frank Pragar. Please use this email if interested.