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Cruel Bones - New Releases

Three new releases from the Zürich, Switzerland label Cruel Bones. This is a pretty sweet label that cares tremendously about the quality of sound as well as the beauty of presentation. All small runs for these cassettes releases. The three artist in these write ups are also from Switzerland. Take a few moments and give these sounds your attention. Well worth the time.
Here are the links to the posts.
Zwischenwelt / Howl - Split Zwischenwelt - let's just walk on fields of flowers Debutante - EP3

Cruel Bones site - facebook - soundcloud

Debutante - EP3

Throwing back music into a time where the parts and pieces are difficult to tell if they fit or not. Debutante is punk in that manner. Skirting the edge of familiar music and making us think of sound in a new perspective. Full of guitars, bass and drums that drive the sound in a raw and late night house party way. The vocals come in at an obscure angle and mangle tones with the heavy output of electric power.

Almost a half hour over five tracks, EP3 starts off as an assault then settles into the flow. A parabolic curve with only the right half showing. Somewhat dark in tone, not depressing, but more introspective. The vocals show signs of turmoil and sinuously work their way into your head. Debutante is sharing what makes like difficult and does this with unique style and passion.

This is out on Cruel Bones, a label from Zürich, Switzerland. Looks like in an edition of 15. You can pick this up from the label. Not sure if any distros carry Cruel Bones releases in the states.

EP3 by Deb…

Zwischenwelt - let's just walk on fields of flowers

When you need to reach the far reaches of your mind, there are tools to help with this en-devour. Let's just walk on fields of flowers by Zwischenwelt is a composition that has this ability. Two side long tracks that explore the raw and unfiltered world of slow currents flowing through heated circuits. An ambient ride allowing the mind to reach in and discover, then returning to tranquil perches over the vast expanses.

Zwischenwelt has almost an hour of music separated into two distinct tones. The first side "trapped in the belly of this horrible machine", sounds infinitely vast. The music reaches out and almost echoes in it's travels. This positions the listener holding close to the source, because the sonic vistas seem to drop away into unheard depths. The title track "let's just walk on fields of flowers", is more introspective. The tones are closer in the consciousness, perspectives are more well traveled and comfortable, allowing drift above. Both …

Zwischenwelt / Howl - Split

Slowly being pulled downward by the maelstrom noise creates. Darker as the depth increases, rays of light finding their way in from above provide hope and delicate charm. There are fascinating sounds to submerge yourself with this split tape from the Cruel Bones label. A drone tape for mysteries surrounding the earthly world few humans every journey to. Zwischenwelt and Howl, two artist from Switzerland, sounding especially sweet together.

This tape is just under forty minutes long with each artist having one track on either side. The Zwischenwelt side connects with dark almost field like recordings. There is a sense of forlornness being striven for in these sounds. The world closes in slowly like listening through a prism as you rotate away from the solar rays. This gives way to aural vistas lurking just beyond the light. Amazingly the Howl side is even farther removed, but in this spectrum there is a new found peacefulness. The sounds are patient and fleeting, but not as menacing as…

Already Dead Tapes and Records - New Releases

Here are three newer cassettes from Already Dead Tapes and Records. They are producing sounds so fast.... checking everyday is the only sure way to keep up. Over two hundred releases and ticking away. Super diverse, something will absolutely resonate if you give the label a listen. Here are a few with words to go along.
Rodeo - Dust Bowl Damián Anache - Capturas del Único Camino talk midway - you wish us both in the water 

Already Dead Tapes site - facebook - bandcamp

talk midway - you wish us both in the water

Hammocks on the beach on a Polynesian island. Memories of the modern world play like samples in your head. The sweet guitar keeps driving thoughts away while the lull of saturated ambiance rolls like waves in the background. Talk Midway unfastens their sound, opening up time for unwinding and settling back. Eventually winding things down into a slow paced dream state. You wish us both in the water, provides duality in pace and creates a listening experience at multiple levels.

The first track of  you wish us both in the water titled "dawn", reminded me of a record of my past by Penguin Cafe Orchestra. The timbre of the guitars and soothing style they both are played, similar too is the mood they create. This comparison dissipates listening through all seven tracks on you wish us both in the water. The pace slows down synchronous with the idea of how Talk Midway wanted this composition to be portrayed. Each track represents a part of a full day, and as the day progresses into…

Damián Anache - Capturas del Único Camino

Sparse and intense, Damián Anache has manipulated real sounds with computers in processes beyond my understanding. Somehow using algorithms to take sounds and distribute them as the digital mind seams fit. Ambient music for AI, or what turns out as a pretty aberrant  affair for human ears. These sounds are never really harsh, more fleeting then completely concentrated. Like moving through an unknown space and as new areas are discovered, fascination or even fear surfaces.

Dived into four quarter of an hour tracks, the musical process stays constant though the entire composition. The first track Paisaje Primero revolves around a scattering of instruments fading in and out of desolation. Paisaje Propio uses computers to wield voice in an array of cohesive method. Paisaje Artificial is the darkest and most removed. Again the methods are the same, but the product evokes a very different response. Finally Paisaje Natural leaves the listener with an almost field like recording of some undis…

Rodeo - Dust Bowl

Classifying Dust Bowl to the western frontier works with out question, but at the same time it lumps the entire sound into one genre. Actually Rodeo has composed much more than one genre can encompass. Sure there are the classic cowboy sounds of rich guitar, slide and galloping rhythm. Then, influences of a much bigger world both in time span and location float into Dust Bowl. Pretty mesmerizing as a whole. Rooted in the theme it transcribes, with musical tentacles reaching far.

This cassette plain and simple sounds excellent. There is definitely a theme held in place and this is done with the perfect amount of ingredients. For me, about half the tracks push towards the classic movie soundtrack sound of western cinema. The other half play into this but could be steered in a completely different direction. For example, "Transmissions", "No Man's Land", "Dusted Roads", "Knots on a Rusted Wire" and "Raised On Theses Barren Fields" tak…

MJMJ RECORDS - Newest Cassette Bundle

If you like the best in cassette sounds and style, MJ MJ Records run by Andrew Todryk and artist Nico Stephou have years of experience bringing this to the surface. Done and ready for you now are three well thought out and beautifully crafted tapes bound together by thought and art. This is something you should purchase together and not wait very long to do so. Most all releases sell out at MJ MJ Records and these three tapes have received special love and care. Here are the quick links to what rest inside.
555 - Thee Omega Seed Bary Center - No Stars Grapefruit - Knights Temple

MJ MJ Records site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter 
Nico Stephou 

Grapefruit - Knights Temple

Grapefruit finds home on MJ MJ Records with the release titleKnights Temple, completing the third and last cassette in the 2016 Spring Series Bundle. Get this playing during your day and the world will haze over, obscuring the things you need to do with tranquilizing feelings of kicking back and going on a ride.

Big guitar played over funky bass, both speaking some bent string language in harmonic cadence. Knights Temple skirts the edge of dub and uses a gravitational sling, propelling these sounds into late nights filled with undiscovered possibilities. Keep moving when you listen to this, the propensity to sink your self into that comfy seat looms invitingly. Grapefruit has the ability to take care of you one way or another. Different from "Some New Age Bullshit" on the Field Hymns label and even farther off the course from "Twin Reflections" on Sloow Tapes, this MJ MJ Records release is thick and brings new dimensions in sound. I have been trying to put my finge…

Bary Center - No Stars

Music created for twenty four hours and all that happens within that span. Bary Center shape shifts and works into your mind. Listening to this tape, something will connect, and then when you think about it, all of the tracks are connecting. You just don't know it at the time. When it is all over you will press play again and realizing No Stars is slick and sounds fresh and cool.

Filled to the top with beats and synthesizer. The groove hears strong, evoking powers of devolution mashed with a dub-ious ice wave ray gun. Your head is pinned back with the sound nozzle shoved in one ear. Robot dance music being played way to loud for mechanical aural receptors. Causing humans to shed their responsibilities and get to the chill. The second time you hear this cassette through, just nod your head and say thanks. You will need a full first listen to understand how genius No Stars is. Mark Williams as Bary Center must have all the stars in his head. His ability to take simple and add the ri…

555 - Thee Omega Seed

Remote tropical islands flipped upside down and heard through the density of the vast ocean. Thee Omega Seed is heavy saturated, sun drenched equatorial ambience. Christopher Farstad is 555 and this traverse into primordial eruptions relaxes our instincts and helps us understand the blink in time we live in.

What caught my attention with Thee Omega Seed was an almost Doppler effect in sound resonating from a past ambient classic. There are moments in Christopher's composition reminding me of Forth World, Volume 1: Possible Musics by John Hassell and Brian Eno. Touches on particular tones like in the third track "Fossil Nemesis", the sixth "Lean Life" and especially in the last track "Matter Becoming Spirit". Sparse beats that seem to come from points across the globe. Thee Omega Seed seed is returning sounds from time and space providing affirmation someone is listening and the music is enjoyed. There is an indigenous feel to these tracks, turning slo…