Zwischenwelt / Howl - Split

Slowly being pulled downward by the maelstrom noise creates. Darker as the depth increases, rays of light finding their way in from above provide hope and delicate charm. There are fascinating sounds to submerge yourself with this split tape from the Cruel Bones label. A drone tape for mysteries surrounding the earthly world few humans every journey to. Zwischenwelt and Howl, two artist from Switzerland, sounding especially sweet together.

This tape is just under forty minutes long with each artist having one track on either side. The Zwischenwelt side connects with dark almost field like recordings. There is a sense of forlornness being striven for in these sounds. The world closes in slowly like listening through a prism as you rotate away from the solar rays. This gives way to aural vistas lurking just beyond the light. Amazingly the Howl side is even farther removed, but in this spectrum there is a new found peacefulness. The sounds are patient and fleeting, but not as menacing as the Zwischenwelt side. Howl finds beauty in the nebulous void and exposes these sounds for those enjoying the noise filled crevasses. There are points in both compositions that do have similar dark feelings. This really makes the split work so well together.

This split is out on Cruel Bones. A label using a very thoughtful approach to creating music and art. They made this in an edition of fifty, all handmade with screen printed cloth bags and heavy card stock on the inside. Excellent choice in the companionship of Zwischenwelt and Howl as artist. They match each other so well with just enough diversity and substance between their sounds.

Cruel Bones site - facebook - soundcloud
Howl - bandcamp - Grinning Bear
Zwischenwelt - facebook - bandcamp

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