Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Shahman - Fragments of a Distant Light

A while back, Shahman was a treat to have on Lost in a Sea of Sound. This was a very personal composition titled Demise of a Body out on Dismal Niche. Almost two years since this release, Shahman has returned with Fragments of a Distant Light. A significant amount of work has been done between these two releases. Fifteen tracks over a half an hour, finding the holy center of rock and hovering there with their heavy sound and magical lyrics.

Shahman plays with a massive amount of awareness. Weighty sounds of distorted strings on a carpet ride through dusty lands, blending like threads in an immense tapestry. The vocals describe details of what gets overseen in everyday life. A sustained percussive explosion, deepens the groove Shahman's sounds run through.  Then the impenetrable forest of noise opens to small clearings. Gentle guitar and spoken word, like a ritual in the woods. The fuzzed out folk vibe that says we understand beauty exists when the tempo slows down to hear. Skies darken again as the music runs hard, burying itself in the single moment of formation. Shahman has a native sound that always seems to prevail. Like indigenous ceremonies from around the world being channeled into current time.

Fragments of a Distant Light was releases on the label Art of the Uncarved Block. This label is out of Toronto. There are some pretty cool releases on the label deserving a look and listen. Everything nicely presented with great artwork and packaging. Shahman's third full length is available from the labels bandcamp page.

Art of the Uncarved Block site - bandcamp
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