Friday, November 18, 2016

Vapor Lanes - Hieratic Teen

I wrote about Vapor Lanes just a little while back with their release A Thin Film on Big Sleep Records. Now in pink vinyl spender, Vapor Lanes just released Hieratic Teen on Usonian. A tragically constructed beauty positioning itself on just one armrest of drone. The sounds are lonely and distant, the music you would hear on a very early morning bike ride through the industrial side of town. Human life sparsely around, keeping machinery under control. This is the difference, Hieratic Teen has an emotional element, a sentience lurking far from the foreground, the last strands of connection before automation or destruction prevail entirely.

Hieratic Teen is five tracks divided into forty minutes of sonic space. A. Karuna is the force behind Vapor Lanes. His composition is an embodiment of electronic spirits. The two sides of the record play slightly differently. The first side attunes the listener straight away with the track titled "Appearing". A lullaby in hiss and static somehow sparkling with feelings. "Mary" dives into a drone world of a minuscule amount of energy escaping from man's devices. A controlled loss before "Embers" takes you through the gamut of A. Karuna's sonic foray. Industrial storms of noise echoing in distant thunder, seemingly approaching, but always a little far. A very beautiful sound display that continues on the second side with "Teen". The flip starts off sounding like the culmination of de-evolution somehow still playing, fighting it's way from broken speakers in distant times. The inevitable finally approaches with the last fifteen minutes of the record. "Teen", deconstructs into random processor failure and continues into the last track "Locating". The connections with consciousness have been broken as the empty sphere hurls through space. Only the remaining mechanical chatter of what once was a sea of ambient feelings is left.

Usonian, a label from Brooklyn, New York, released Hieratic Teen in the middle of October of this year. There are only two hundred copies pressed. You can purchase the vinyl at the labels bandcamp page.

Usonian site - bandcamp - twitter
Vapor Lanes - bandcamp - twitter