Hey Exit - Inhale EP

Wistful crumbly electronics with drifting ethereal voice. Possibly an incoming transmission from a flickering dimension. Like ambient audio debris slowly cycling to shore with every set and swell in the blistered sea. Some frequencies ignite causing sharp shards of sound to pierce the drone like environment. Everything is in a dream like flux, where reality has dissolved and the vortex connecting aural worlds has stabilized for these brief moments.

Hey Exit has begun to implode. Inhale pulls from previous mystic vibrancy, like a burning electronic furnace radiating for too long. The fire has dissipated, but a strange comfort still remains. Warm with slivers of cold emptiness finding their way in. The allurement of this EP titled Inhale, remnant energy tilted perfectly towards our ears. Thirty five minutes divided across seven tracks. The last track "Puppies" seems to break free from the smoldering chars of the songs preceding it. Maybe trying to stoke the Hey Exit fervor once again.

A really beautiful release. Copies are available from the bandcamp page. Not sure how many of these Brendan made, but did notice the two previous releases described on Lost in a Sea of Sound have sold out. Slow Names 4: The Bitter Scent of Light released in November of 2016 and Caudata released in February of the same year. So do not procrastinate if Hey Exit is on the list of tapes to get.

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