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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Endurance - Shade Terrarium

Endurance is a saturated cloud, releasing heavy ambient droplets over the past few years. Just a little over two solar revolutions ago, Lost in a Sea of Sound described City of Signals. Saying Endurance has come a long way since this early Illuminated Paths release, would be inaccurate. If you have seen the diagrams of the multiple Earths, layered slightly askew and on top of each other, all representing different but parallel words, this is where Endurance is now. In unreachable locations, alternate Joshua Stefane's have been composing sounds and transporting them to various labels around the world.

Constellation Tatsu, with their vast experience of mining the cosmos for illusive exquisiteness, has secured the transmission frequency for one of the latest Endurance releases. Shade Terrarium is a lengthy fifty minute recording, spaced out over seven tracks. Each track like nebulousities, absorbing evaporated cultural tones around altered planes of existence. Once these billows of sonic haze are imbued with the maximum amount they can take in, a gentle ambient rain begins to fall on all listeners. Each track like a passing cloud, bestowing a slightly different tone and feel. A good sound illustration of this is the track "Mercurian Umbra", there is a Gamelan undertone resonating like breathing spirits. Tracks like "Embran" and "Fluminam Ductur" have captured ambient and lost communication airwaves. Both in foreign languages from English, interwoven in the tranquilizing molecular density. "Itineranturum" must have cast shadows on City of Signals, making tones in similar aural fashion. Shade Terrarium allows fine details to be heard, the scorching solar radiance of sounds have been subdued.

Released in the middle of May, Shade Terrarium is part of the Constellation Tatsu Spring Batch. Four cassettes, each in the top of the line up in ambient splendor. For this release, Joshua Stefane contributed both the music and artwork. The mastering was done by Sean Conrad and of course design and layout by Steven Ramsey. A very talented group making the framework for Shade Terrarium. Many of Joshua's tapes have sold out, and with the Constellation Tatsu Spring Batch being so solid and popular, do not wait to long.

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