Chris Brokaw - Music for Peter Hutton

There is difficulty in describing the tranquility of music. The first obstacle and probably the most consuming to navigate is the feeling these unperturbed sonic landscapes impart. Cognitive processes filled with tones and sustain, all working in opposite of analysis and relay. Thoughts are gently pushed away from the consciousness. How can words be written when the music asks only for singular focus or nothing at all? In the case of this composition, Music for Peter Hutton, the energy behind it gave additional texture to the silent films of Peter Hutton. In the most beautiful fashion, Chris Brokaw has accomplished what these words try to do, taking creativity not initially meant for an ancillary descriptive medium, beyond it's own existence.

From the depths these guitar passages have traversed, there is a place, a ledge that can be scaled. Perched just above the immense surge of tranquilizing flux, thoughts are partially your own. Back down... and the world becomes Chris Brokaw's vista. Sonic energy stretched across undisturbed dimensions. The flow resembling titanic under earth currents of molten mass. But these transcending guitar creations do not burn, only melt thoughts in a most cherished way. With each listen, the sonic gravity of Music for Peter Hutton holds heavy. Maybe its the the listeners constitution for massive drone or just plain fortune, but there was a moment to see a route back up. And now, on this small outcropping, these words are collected.   

Recently released on compact disc by Tape Drift, Chris Brokaw recorded this music to accompany screenings of Peter Hutton's silent films. This particular set was recorded live at Northwest Film Forum in Seattle by Brenan Chambers. Two tracks, one thirty five minute guitar slow burner and an additional six minute field recording heavy track, titled Boston Fire. The release is available from the label's website, on it's own or part of the most recent batch. The batch deal includes Rambutan's Temple of Echo 3, described a week ago and Tape Drift's 100th release, also a Rambutan composition.

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