Daniel Guillén - Inner Vision

In every moment of existence there are striking forms of beauty. As our lives move so quickly, the alluring excellence surrounding us gets blurred. The smallest details are filled with countless years of evolving and eroding. These processes in long production, now at simultaneous points waiting to be noticed. Most times the gears keep turning, life goes in it's direction while the radiation of energy fueling the world burns in silence. Maybe the title to Daniel Guillén's new composition "Inner Vision" has meaning to these thoughts. What is for certain, the music Daniel has created aurally illustrates these ruminations in full distinction.

When the time comes to describe ambient heavies, many listens have been gathered in order to hopefully connect. Slowing down, relinquishing surrounding responsibilities, hearing the beauty as the world moves from a blur into focus. These six selections are extensions of an infinite amount of amazing details in every life. A cosmic synthesizer in tune with the galactic medium of tones. Daniel's timbre and pace is the common tongue for consciousnesses at higher vibrations. The dialogue concerning the clarity of love and it's ability to bring everyone to elevated paths. These are some weighted thoughts for music seemingly drifting into the ethereal. But if we can not try to understand why artists like Daniel create compositions such as Inner Vision, then how can a true connection be properly established. The transcendence is within these notes and we are fortunate to be able to listen.

Released on the label Muzan Editions out of Nara, Japan. Not sure about the number in this run, but Muzan Editions used to be around one hundred. Daniel Guillén has other compositions under the project name Lunaria. Lost in a Sea of Sound described All Is Dream a few year back. This cassette was on the Sounds of Dawn label and is now sold out. Most Muzan Editions releases do not long, Inner Vision will follow this path.

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