Crocodilo Slam - Nascido em Swampland

Music can be the most fluid form of creativity. Resplendent consciousness grasping a medium and throwing it all out there for others to hear. Will these sounds be enjoyed or disregarded? This is the question many artists ask after exposing their creativity into a too critical world. The answer falls within this thought, open minds connecting with serene patience in the ripened moments our lives procure. Nascido em Swampland possesses the most collected collection of complicated tranquility. Like a kaleidoscope turning to fixate on one image and one color, infinite fractals still declared, but in this moment the patterns become grandiosely one. Translating optical to sound, a crazing of blissful sonic radiance settling in thoughts. Then the kaleidoscope turns, shifting everything, slowly fixating on another moment of heralded ambient goo to work it's way in. 

Crocodilo Slam finds melodies within the respiration of our world. Beginning with the eighties willow-wisp of the "Hoaxing Swamp", these sounds lead listeners into a maze of beats and dense sonic underbrush. Sometimes the sun burns with radiant clarity like on "Quadra 18", then dense fog settles as exemplified on "Revoada". From bright clarity to rumbling bass, crystal blue turns muddy and back again, the entire process is captivating and beguiling. Crocodilo Slam is the project of Gabriel Artie. His sounds are stirred in iron cauldrons. We here his savoriness like smells from a kitchen, so many sounds fused and mingled together. The true delicacy is enjoying Nascido em Swampland as a complete composition. Loosing our thoughts in the delicate beauties of someone so talented. 

Nascido em Swampland is a cassette release in an edition of fifty on the Municipal K7 label out of Brazil. This is the second release Lost in a Sea of Sound has had the pleasure to describe from Municipal K7, the first was by Atletas with the composition Cedros Tanhang. A lot of time (late night driving) has been spent listing to this cassette. There is so much to explore, thank you Crocodilo Slam!


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