Peter Kris - Altitude sickness

Sparks of energy as play is pressed. Shoegaze vibrations pulling time back as the static from burned electronic guitar riffs burrow deep into the conscious. Quickly following and most effortlessly in the flow, rhythms are stretched back a little more. Now, the essence of a decade before fills the conscious with an all encompassing delicious aroma. Then the bow string is released and we travel forward with glistening sonic speed. The scenery dances outside the window as a jubilant pattern of alternate dimensional ambient accentuation fills the mind. Thoughts dispersing in multiple directions, feelings gently rolled out for the most flaky biscuit to rise up, Peter Kris creates sounds for the ebb and tide of the most inner sentiments. Highs and lows, new directions and deep nostalgia, everything held in the most warm sonic listening embrace.

Altitude Sickness is a new release from Peter Kris on Histamine Tapes. Twenty five pieces of sonic sway. Peter Kris setting a perfectly tempered cadence, the fine line between much appreciated relaxation and productive creativity. Interesting to think these sounds are an extension of who Kris is, a super chilled out guitar player that leaves the most intricate foot print with every step. Altitude Sickness is a sun drenched afternoon, good work already complete and the water beginning to evaporate from a refreshing swim. With many double cassettes across multiple labels, Peter Kris sends Altitude Sickness just a little deeper into the warmth of hearts taking it in. A beautiful composition with far to few physical copies. Fortunately everyone can still listen.

Released on Histamine tapes in an edition of twenty four, physical copies sold out straight away. This is second release for Peter Kris on Histamine Tapes. The 2019 Afternoons In The Valley was HT 020 and Altitude sickness  is HT 093. Wow! Histamine has been motoring an Peter Kris is so fluently in the rally.


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