Seeded Plain - Badminton, The Volleys

The aural landscape is all the way fractured from Seeded Plain's new release titled Badminton, The Volleys. Lengthy chasms in the ground revealing a glowing red-orange river miles below. These sounds tear through conscious space. Sonic glass shards, some smooth and others razor sharp. Everything moving in chaotic pace as a cacophony of brilliantly clear sonic energy sinks deep into thought. This is a language in sound only a few speak, Latin to us but a high choral mass for Seeded Plain. 
After a short introduction, Badminton, The Volleys consists of three long species. All recording being done in India across three different Indian States, Gujarat, Telangana and Karnatak. Seeded Plain is a long running project by Bryan Day and  Jay Kreimer. All sounds are from instruments created by Bryan and Jay, who are skilled artists, craftsmen and musicians. A next level in everything for those pressing play. Lost in a Sea of Sound attempted to duct tape a description together a few years back for Seeded Plain's Flying Falling composition. Similar in some sound, Badminton, The Volleys seems a little more heavy, more ominous. The last track using vocals by Trishant Shetty taking everything to a meditative abyss.
Released on Public Eyesore on compact disc. Not sure how many editions were run, but physical copies are available from both Public Eyesore Records and their bandcamp page.


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