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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Orra - Into The Wind

There exists alternate worlds created by the minds of humans. Jennifer Williams and Sean Conrad have stabilized the porthole into their reality under the name Orra. The release titled Into the Wind is just out in the newest batch from Inner Islands. Ethereal synthesizer leads your ears through alien sounds, abounding throughout this cassette.

Two twenty minute tracks, one on each side, Into the Wind is a surreal journey through a fascinating sound scape. Side A has track titled "The Fog Has A White Tongue". Here ambient drift is combined with majestic noises from a cosmos yet undiscovered. In this realm, sounds of metal machines are praised for their beauty? Creating a drone far from understanding by man. Voices drift through and the origin reveals itself not to be mechanical at all. The closest description would be a world of insects made from an unknown impervious material.

"The Water Is Black That Licks The Boat" is the track that encompasses side B. This is altogether different from the first side. The tone is slightly darker, the noises more intense. Traveling deeper into this macrocosm Jennifer and Sean have created, their power source is partially revealed. Synthetic sine waves wash in the background and energy pulsates in a completely unfamiliar method. As the side nears completion, one impervious insect unveils the core of this permanence.

Inner Islands released this at the beginning of the month. Compared to the label's discography of incredible meditative sounds, Orra rests on the edge of the core bliss Inner Islands revolves around.
The cassette sounds incredible and the presentation beautiful. If your ears are ready for paradise in an alternate dimension, Into the Wind is thoroughly the tape to be heard.

Inner Islands site - bandcamp - facebook
Orra - Into The Wind on bandcamp

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

deerbite - ep1

Within these tape spools are mysteriously nostalgic sounds resonating far into my experiences. Deerbite is Randall James Lundy and according to the title of this cassette, this is the first in his deerbite project. I have listened to this a few times digitally before the cassette arrived and have enjoyed these sounds tremendously. The cassette has two tracks not available on the digital version. These additions really round out the listening experience.

Deerbite ep1 starts off with two alluring tracks much like the cheerful time spent before the quest commences. The comfort of the beginning leads into one of my favorite tracks "Atari Serenade". This has the sounds compatible with traveling across the vast expanse of the digital tundra. The journey takes refuge with the fascinating sounding "Break Lake". Here the grandeur of Randall James Lundy's work is revealed. Faster paced and splendid in composition, your resting spot before vintage chips crumble and our ears fall into the abyss of dusty plastic cartridges.

The second side begins with "E-Waste", a lengthy listening experience into a word without physical laws. Sounds collide with rapid fire, coin collection, lives lost and regeneration. "Pluto Blue" is adeptly chosen to be only on the cassette version, because this is the true bonus sound of the tape. My ears are amassing the pleasures of the physical effort to arrive at this point. Dropping off into a respite of amiable notes from "February Lullaby", the tape then finalizes itself with "Ice Nightmare". This is the other cassette only track. Fittingly the sounds of previous track are now twisted and unavoidable for the final boss battle.

There are only twenty two of these. Randall James Lundy has more available on his bandcamp page.
This has been one of my favorite listens this far into the year.

deerbite - ep1 on bandcamp
deerbite on facebook - soundcloud

Friday, March 20, 2015

Ocean Music - Ocean Music

When i first heard Ocean Music by Richard Aufrichtig, my ears were at a deficit of what to think. The first track is all instrumental and is very nice sounding. The vocals begin with track two and are present throughout the album. Richard's tone is commanding and that is what really grabbed at me. Immediately the sound froze my mind and i began trying to decide if this is a tone and style i like?

I took a couple of days off and listened to the record again. This time the music and vocals flowed a little further into my core. The skillfully played music is the canvas for Richard's voice. There is a haunting tone being delivered on these grooves. "When I Was The Setting Sun" is the prime example of this. Songs further in the album like "Ghost Song" and "Night/Walkers Travelers" have the same quality, as well as reference to this in the song titles.

After the second listen the entire album had really reached far into the depths of enjoyment for me. The voice, so alone and somewhat desolate had allured me in, feeding and sheltering me. What once made me question now makes me feel serene. After repeated listens my favorite track now is "Fragments/Duino". Even though the album is best relished as a whole composition, I think "Fragments/Duino" embodies the beauty of musical craftsmanship, songwriting and singing.

The biggest difference for me is listening to this on the turntable versus digitally. If there ever was (is) an argument for analog, Ocean Music on vinyl should be played to set this issue straight. The vinyl is not only superior sounding, the packaging and artwork is incredibly beautiful. Richard is extremely experienced at music and art. With this adeptness, he brings this LP to the world on his own accord, no label. If you are interested you can purchase this directly from his bandcamp page.

I have played Ocean Music while still dark out in the mornings, and really have developed an affection for it's beauty.

Richard Aufrichtig site - facebook - bandcamp

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Raphi Gottesman - Signed, Noisemaker

From the start of this cassette Raphi Gottesman sets the tone of relaxation far from the monotonous patterns we live in. Signed, Noisemaker engages the listener with depth of composition by utilizing multiple skilled musicians through out the nine tracks of the tape. The style of much of the guitar playing exists just on the raw side of electric. The sounds gently spill from the speakers giving a feeling that would suit watching vintage vacation films. Music of simple pleasures, like jumping in a cool river or hiking along it's bank.

There are moments when this cassette slips into solemn moods. Tracks like "need not be a house to be haunted",  "skokie friend" & "sombre pages bore no print" are good examples of these transitions.
Together, with the more light hearted tunes, the entire album ebbs and flows through feelings we all encounter. This is what makes Signed, Noisemaker so interesting. The music is so laid back and unassuming, our emotions slowly bond with the mood this listen takes you on.

This cassette was originally released on the Swedish Fluere Tapes label in an edition of 20. With six releases since their start up, five of them are sold out including this one. Fluere Tapes has shaped there artists and release quantities into the perfect amount of "purchase immediately"..... Raphi Gottesman's release was no exception to this formula. In order to appease those who missed the first 20 from Fluere, a second pressing of 30 copies has been released and he has them for sale on his own bandcamp page.

Take a listen to Signed, Noisemaker when you have some time you want to enjoy. The music is well suited to enhance your presence within the patterns of life.

Raphi Gottesman - bandcamp - facebook
Fluere Tapes - facebook - bandcamp

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Skyward Territories - Kyle Landstra, Gardener, Difference Clouds, Villages

Deep into Skyward Territories right now. Kyle Landstra sets the journey in place with close to twenty minutes of cognitive select drone. A veranda floating in the clouds, vintage synthesized organ playing duets with the chaotic blasts of wind. After wards you are set down with the earthly rhythms of Gardener. Motionless in the electronic jungle, the pulse of inner core has paralyzed you mind with tranquilizing voltaic sounds. Burying vast depths into you body, you are at rest and completely satisfied with "The Eyes Glister" by Gardener. Difference Clouds reminds you there is a world of motion and playfulness. Early analog robots playing pipe organ and synthesizer across from each other. The show encapsulates you like looking through the bobbing horses to the inner mirrors of a merry-go-round. As gaps go by, the center is visualized, this turn of the century sound pleases and delights. The journey ends far below the earth, were pressures are high and flickers of light are your only hope. Villages changes pace dramatically between it's foreboding beginning track "Old Chants" and the cleverly played piano on the "Thin Line of Shadow". The entire side reverts back into a cosmic burial of whirling drone heralded buy stoic keyboard. Finally unwinding and disappearing until Program I is initiated again.

Skyward Territories is an excellent compilation by Baro Records. Another awesome label out of Chicago as in the last post with Already Dead. Their website states this is a first in a series of more compilations. With the first as good as it is, it will be difficult to maintain the standards, but with this being realse #44, Baro Records has the conections to do so. There is not an indicator of how many of these double tape were made, good guess would be a hundred or so with this artist line up. These should go relatively quickly as this release gets more written about. Which it will.

Found a write up already on Decoder Magazine
Baro Records site -- bandcamp -- facebook
Kyle Landstra -- bandcamp -- facebook
Gardener -- bandcamp
Difference Clouds -- soundcloud
Villages -- bandcamp -- facebook

Friday, March 13, 2015

Problems That Fix Themselves - Which is Worse

If you are ready for sounds that will make you feel as if you do not understand the future of music, Which is Worse can take you on this listening journey. The first time this vinyl spun, my ears were spilling question marks as fast as the music came in. From the droney beginnings of the title track "Which is Worse", this album quickly takes off on the second track "Maximum Occupancy". There is serious hydraulic beat manufacturing, hazy street lights blurring by on an 161kpm drive outside of Berlin. These sounds still have some securing ropes reaching the ground, and the emergence of "Black Elvis" sets Problems That Fix Themselves free of these tethers. Combining beats and oscillating drone, this track sounds like someone testing futuristic bagpipes while the factory making them is pounding away on the assembly belt. A completely unique bonding of rhythm and drone. There is very nice musical craftsmanship from track to track on Which is Worse. This is exemplified with "Sunday Song", a nice resting spot to end the first side with simple organ and fuzzy beautiful vocals.

Side two launches back into a world of sound joining sick synthesizer riffs with relentless machine gun beats on the track "8:62". The sound here hearkens back the lack of understanding i have of where Problems That Fix Themselves is taking me. The listen is really good, but i have no idea where i am? The whole thing slows down for "Elsie Mary". This is an all encompassing electronic ambient soaking. Beautiful in a sense of contrast and familiarity, providing thought provoking time for introspection. You will need this to traverse the completely foreign wasteland of "Slowburn". The last and longest track on the album, be prepared to carry your wits with you. Problems That Fix Themselves is bombarding you with an electronic attack of "The Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock. Feedback, squawking, menacing thumping on your skull. If you make it through, there is a possibility the future of sounds could fractionally be understood.

Out on Already Dead Tapes and Records as release number 150. No big deal for this Chicago label, already with the addition of ten plus releases after this one. The packaging is as good as the music, cool insert with album info, stickers, a poster, heavy vinyl. Both heralding from Chicago, Problems That Fix Themselves and Already Dead have done superb work together on this one.

With so much happening on this album, give yourself the time to listen in it's entirety. I think the composition has high value when heard from start to finish.

Which is Worse on bandcamp
Problems That Fix Themselves site
Already Dead Tapes and Records site - bandcamp - facebook - twitter

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Have you ever watched an assembly factory make something? The production line moves steadily and every piece is added then cut, screwed, welded, baked and dried.....  Tim Cosner's DEADTECH​/​MODERNHOMES reminds me of this process. Although the simplicity of filling a bottle of soda and capping it is far away from the complexity of this facility. The tracks on this tape are of alien nature. Things are being constructed, and we know not what they are.

The sound hear is beat mechanics. Rhythmic pounding accompanied by unknown synthetic laser adhesive. There are moments when the sound multiplies and drives with velocity. Then tracks slow down and massive objects emerge from the slower pace. Voices are heard sporadically throughout the cassette. Theses are throwbacks to some distant industrial wave of the past. The sound is always crisp and cuts deep into your brain. You become part of the automated assault of the interloping extraterrestrial consciousness.

This is Bonding Tapes second release and the debut for Tim Cosner. How they found each other is a synchronism that propelled Bonding Tapes to bear existence. Tim had a track on Quality Time Vol. 1, making DEADTECH​/​MODERNHOMES an excellent choice. Tim Cosner is the first artist to have an individual cassette on the label. The sound on this cassette is really challenging to describe. I did my best, but there is so much more, sheer words can not relay. You will be pleased with a full listen to this. Tapes are available but will be dwindling in the future.

Bonding Tapes site - facebookbandcamp
Tim's site