Steckdose - Eurovision

Lurking in the void of field recordings from other dimensions is Steckdose. Somehow the knobs for volume input incurred a freak electronic surge, and at that same time, a passerby tripped and spilled their hot beverage into the controls. With exponentially grand odds of the processor failing completely, the most unlikely occurrence happened. The equipment mutated and now Steckdose controls a device with ability to capture sounds from other Europes, altered realities similar and all together different simultaneously.

Ambience across space and time. Drone of the moments hanging there before your ears. An environment you physically can not hear. Eurovision dwells in the cracks of the palpable and imperceptible. Like an unseen haze mixing in the everyday, the subtle sounds Steckdose has tapped into exist in every juncture of time. A specter at the controls, moving the line of the world we know and what is in store for us in the next life. This composition conveys activity and commotion framed by unimaginable expanses. So distant, there is a lurking fear when sounds have traveled that far before reaching your consciousness.

Steckdose has found home on Still Heat Recordings with this forty five minute plus release titled Eurovision. Two side long tracks titled "Berlin" and the other "Budapest". Amazing tone in a dark drone world. Be quick if you like the combination of Steckdose and Still Heat Recordings. There are only three left and every label release before this is long gone.


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