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The Doll - Hiss

Sounds escaping from time. Like watch dogs or guards, recording devices are positioned on make shift perimeters. There is no struggle, sonic patterns are captured on magnetic tape or in binary form. This aural pool is full of all noises, initial vanguard cacophony sacrificed without hesitation. Soon the instruments used to keep the Hiss contained within a specific time frame will reach capacity. The machines will begin to frizzle and wail in their own mechanical way. Creating more sounds, new notes, bleeps and blurps to join the departing throng.

The Doll is coltish and also very sussed. Hiss is brought to life with the most basic tools. Combing melodies, noise and field recordings, listeners are pulled into a world of imagination. An industrial play ground brought to burbling life by creative force. What remained motionless and silent was bestowed energy and purpose. Hiss has eight tracks with mostly one word descriptive titles like, Saw, Static, Wheel, Radiator and Bubblewrap. All c…

Yiorgis Sakellariou - Diapsalmata: A Collection Of Short Works

Yiorgis Sakellariou has pulled from the infinite sound pallet. A difficult endeavor much akin to a chef with a fully stocked gourmet pantry. The ability to use too much or wildly unfamiliar is very easily crossed. Reading the ingredients makes the dish sound exotic and mouth watering, but the taste is overwhelming. Yiorgis Sakellariou has not taken this path. Sound sources are very recognizable, signals, chants, insects, train stations and watermills to name a few. These are part of every day life for many people. On their own, any of these attributes can be overwhelming and caustic. How will this composition feel? What is Yiorgis Sakellariou's purpose? Listen through Diapsalmata: A Collection Of Short Works, and then the following description may connect.

An aural painting for your consciousness. Brush strokes dissolving, relinquishing their collective images in sonic euphoria and sighs. The scene dissipates leaving faint images unmasked on the sonic canvas. These exposed bones a…

The Binary Marketing Show - Short​-​Term Fix For a Long​-​Term Death

In the depths of dreams, where disjointed sounds connect for no reason, becoming revelations for brief moments then crumbling as the conscious awakes, this is a Short​-​Term Fix For a Long​-​Term Death. Folk music separated by continental drift, left to evolve over an incomprehensible stretch of time. So long, organic origins have deteriorated, dusty electronics hiss, buzz and crackle, trying to continually share a love for music a culture had progressed to. Foundations in gorgeous music making, heard through unique creativity and layers of wonderful mystery.

These ten track will require repeated explorations before bearings come into focus. The Binary Marketing Show has a dream like quality, aural foundations in the fleeting moments between wake and slumber. A place of all things making sense, yet the mind smiles with feet on the table because nothing is really what you think. The really fascinating qualities of Short​-​Term Fix For a Long​-​Term Death are the illusions of sing along…

Touched By an Angle #2

Crash Symbols has the connections and experience for a monumental summer soundtrack. Filled with pressure cooked beats, simmered vocals and sun drenched ambient sound waves, Touched By an Angle #2 can feed all audiences. With twenty six tracks, twenty six artists, Crash Symbols has done the calculations on congruent compression and rarefaction. These artist's offerings flow with seams so gentle, there is difficulty distinguishing Touched By an Angle #2 as a V/A conglomeration in any sense. Explaining how many cassettes have sold so far. There are only a few remaining, so quit reading and get to placing an order.

You need a few more descriptive words..... There is a label in California, "Bonding Tapes". Their first release titled Quality Time Volume 1 reminded me of Touched By an Angle #2. The thickest connecting threads are an assortment of hidden beautiful beats. Where does this music come from and how do you find it? The same questions surfaced when listening to Qualit…

Stars Are Insane - To Be There

A little over a year ago, Lost in a Sea of Sound described Stars Are Insane's Rok Lok release To Be Here. Now the label has released a companion cassette titled To Be There, the span of time capturing thoughtful movement through existence. Listening back on the cassette To Be Here and reading the words used to connect sound and thoughts, clearly shows just like the music, writing changes over time. Not sure how Stars Are Insane feel about their sounds, but reading early descriptions on Lost in a Sea of Sound seems like a different person was doing the work. Wisdom, experience or repetitious droll, not for the musician or writer to know. The listener or reader must make these analogies themselves.

There is definitely a flowing stream connecting To Be Here with To Be There. Tributaries like the ends of branches making their way to the supporting trunk. Music takes this route, sounds in the distance radiating at the same fervor. It would be inaccurate to describe To Be There as diffe…

Cookie Tongue - Orphan Arms

Past the massive stone walls of the Gormenghast castle, out through the ornately decorated gates, keep following the path to the inviting glade. There on a small hill, trees towering in a circular pattern, a small group of musicians gather. The sounds about to be played have been outlawed, sparking the consciousness is something the collectors can not condone. Having people think, and the most heinous crime, being creative, undermines the structure of the current state. These thoughts hide in unspoken corners as dusk slips away unnoticed, a fire beings to take long lasting form. The back flaps are opened on a horse drawn covered wagon. A vibrantly dressed player turns and outward waving one hand down as the other begins manipulation of a small traveling piano. The fanfare has begun for the night.

Cookie Tongue is not of this realm. Current music trends have paved over their world. Orphan Arms reaches out, grabs a hand a pulls us to hear. Drawing listeners through the structures minds …

Nagual - Florida

In a past journey, Nagual made their way through Florida. Like the thick humidity in every part of the state, their sounds saturate the entire listen spectrum. Two tracks on this compact disc, one recorded live in Miami the other live in Gainesville. These populated nodes becoming focal points for wildly glowing energy from ancient times.

For the selected piece from the Miami show, Nagual is pulling from the early Cenozoic period, channeling life from a dense Florida land mass. Murky heat waves of sound oscillate in a steady rhythmic cadence. Air buzzes with ancient vitality, creatures breathing in the tropical density. This is Florida before humans existed, vast amounts of time droning beneath the sun.

What was included on this compact disc for the Gainesville session stays in a similar realm, but has an entirely different tone and feel. Middle Jurassic period, the south Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico begin to form. Florida has separated from Gondwana and the land mass begins partial de…

Bird Songs - In & Of

A world of reporting, important information relayed across molecular space. Life's moments captured, dialogue potentially never heard again. Stored somewhere on magnetic tape and now digital memory. Bird songs has spliced the reels, fed history across metallic heads, brought back moments time has buried. This process requires a soundtrack, In & Of is the complete resource. Ambient guitar landscapes backing forgotten people washed upon the shore. A delicate balance, augmented by some very choice field recordings.

In & Of starts off with heavy political reporting, Weather Underground launching a bombing campaign across the us in the late 1960's. Bird Songs creates an AM radio buzz while playing solemn melodies in accompaniment. The effect is very intriguing, nostalgic and relevant simultaneously. The second track seems a little more modern, and very tenuous. There is more fervor as the harmonies concur in magnitude. Sounds return to social struggles in the same time fram…

Greening Lambourne - Thought LEADER & Thought PARTNER

The heat of the summer is lapping at the consciousness. A season for time off, family vacations, and unfettered relaxation. For many, the summer remains constant with responsibilities that will not go away. The temperature melts in, forcing forth memories of school breaks and grand plans. Cool it down, insert Greening Lambourne into the cassette player, these sonic vibrations will gain volume and pressurize the continual monotony aside. The most refreshing aspect, when you finish the first cool listen of Thought LEADER, your aural tumbler gets filled again with Thought PARTNER.

Music and time are interwoven. For centuries melodic sounds have been created. What is heard now is a slow evolution from forgotten times. Created sonic beauty is relevant to both the past and future but remains most poignant to the present. Greening Lambourne is hear with us, expressing absolute emotion, showing us allure in tones. A tangible relationship to what has been before and what will be. The charm of …


Saw tooth sound waves generated under fifty hertz, IMPERIVM LVCIFERI has found resilience in the molecular density. Working with heavy tones, like steel rails vibrating miles from the locomotive source, IMPERIVM LVCIFERI conducts each listeners passage. From ancient times, through and on to distant futures, this is the soundtrack always playing. An under current of surface life, vast tunnels stretching to where no living soul has gone. This is the journey we all have taken and will all take again. Darkness slowly pulsating, breathing on you shoulder, it is always there.

This compact disc is divided into two roughly twenty minute tracks. "LVCIFER'S FALL" is the first, a sonic sink into droning quicksand. There is struggle, a fight to stay one with breathable air. The harmonics keep pulling, until light and oxygen disappear. Heartbeats become louder and the mind rationalizes if this is real or a dream that can be escaped. Maybe these are hallucinations, IMPERIVM LVCIFERI h…

Endurance - Shade Terrarium

Endurance is a saturated cloud, releasing heavy ambient droplets over the past few years. Just a little over two solar revolutions ago, Lost in a Sea of Sound described City of Signals. Saying Endurance has come a long way since this early Illuminated Paths release, would be inaccurate. If you have seen the diagrams of the multiple Earths, layered slightly askew and on top of each other, all representing different but parallel words, this is where Endurance is now. In unreachable locations, alternate Joshua Stefane's have been composing sounds and transporting them to various labels around the world.

Constellation Tatsu, with their vast experience of mining the cosmos for illusive exquisiteness, has secured the transmission frequency for one of the latest Endurance releases. Shade Terrarium is a lengthy fifty minute recording, spaced out over seven tracks. Each track like nebulousities, absorbing evaporated cultural tones around altered planes of existence. Once these billows of s…