Quickly Sold Out

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Touched By an Angle #2

Crash Symbols has the connections and experience for a monumental summer soundtrack. Filled with pressure cooked beats, simmered vocals and sun drenched ambient sound waves, Touched By an Angle #2 can feed all audiences. With twenty six tracks, twenty six artists, Crash Symbols has done the calculations on congruent compression and rarefaction. These artist's offerings flow with seams so gentle, there is difficulty distinguishing Touched By an Angle #2 as a V/A conglomeration in any sense. Explaining how many cassettes have sold so far. There are only a few remaining, so quit reading and get to placing an order.

You need a few more descriptive words..... There is a label in California, "Bonding Tapes". Their first release titled Quality Time Volume 1 reminded me of Touched By an Angle #2. The thickest connecting threads are an assortment of hidden beautiful beats. Where does this music come from and how do you find it? The same questions surfaced when listening to Quality Time. The process of compiling such a large array of unexplored artists rivals the difficulty of fitting their works together so smoothly.  Touched By an Angle #2  is like a laser cut sonic jigsaw puzzle, once completed, suitable for framing.

From the twenty six artists on this cassette, Lost in a Sea of Sound has had the opportunity to describe only a small handful. Fletcher Pratt with a previous Crash Symbols release (sold out), YlangYlang with an earlier Crash Symbols release (also sold out) and former_airline with releases on many labels. The connection for Lost in a Sea of Sound was an excellent cassette on A Giant Fern. So using the descriptive words "unexplored artists" is accurate from these listening and writing foot holds.

There are some new favorites on Touched By an Angle #2, but each listener will find those own their own. With such well chosen music, this will change with repeated listens. Crash Symbols also has a bundle with a high end glow-in-the-dark pin (last picture). If you have read this far, thank you! Hopefully your opportunity to grab a tape and a pin is still there.

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