Bitsy Knox & Roger 3000 - Om Cold Blood

Thoughts are decomposing. Written worlds falling apart, a trail of single letters spinning to the curb as the engine rattles asunder. Thesaurus becoming some mechanical guru, an oracle to cease repeating and keep repeating. With increasing age and depleting energy, fashioning coherency is an augmenting gradient to traverse. Om Cold Blood causes the pitch to tilt steeply up, as secure mental footing becomes scarce. It is very difficult to describe poetry, freely flowing and without boundaries, especially when added into a constantly resonating mix of experimental, ambient, punk noise. Bitsy Knox thoughts pierce the monotonous frame work, exposing the erector set life is built upon, an abundance of flimsy connections and extremely poor planning.

Om Cold Blood is an explosion of ideas and musing, spoken in globules of shrapnel. Poignant understandings exposing patterns and thoughts held in reveries of seclusion. The entire time, beautiful harmonies trying intently to pull canticles forth, like perfectly laying stones for songs to step across. Roger 3000 is keenly adept at creating this ambient fluidity, but drawn out words stay perched with lengthy legs straddled in more spoken word than song. Eventually Bitsy can not resist and on the third track titled "Om over you / Walking", her words begin tentatively being sung. The music on Om Cold Blood is hypnotically vexing. So much so it is worth exploring more of Roger 3000's sounds. Together, these two artists are perfectly balanced, poetry and music, holding the door open for each other.

The union of voice and music is a subject of much subjectivity. Tanuki Records is a stalwart source for understanding these relationships. Check out A Hidden Life by Simon Wickham-Smith for another example of how Tanuki explores this venue. Not sure if there is a connection, but another Belgium label, Sloow Tapes is filled with energy in regards to the written words and music. Om Cold Blood is a cassette release from late November. Copies are currently available with the option of a shirt highlighting the tape cover.

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