Yngel / Greta Eacott - Alun / Stuck

Water slowly moving down a glass window pane. The trail it leaves is a complex amalgamation of almost infinite factors, but in this moment gravity pulls heavy as the main cause. Another droplet finds rest on the translucent surface to begin the journey downwards. The window, a porthole separating two worlds, pillowy streaks of water adding physical connection between both venues. This thought holds true for both sides of this shimmering split between Yngel and Greta Eacott. Like sonic paint strokes on glass, sounds gently weave themselves between the corporal and the spiritual. Consciousness perfectly straddling energies existence with the ethereal gorgeousness of strings and percussion.
Both Yngel and Greta Eacott create vibrant aural landscapes filled with the timeless patience of erosive forces. Alun is the title of the composition by Yngel, an artist that has been described by Lost in a Sea of Sound in the past (2020 Yngel - II and 2019 teguh permana & yngel). On their newest offering, Emil Palme & Taus Bregnhøj-Olesen, both utilizing electric guitar,  have crafted sounds around a special stone, the alun slate found in Bornholm. Their work emphasizes the sounds of guitar and the strings contact with the stone. Yngel created these sounds in the Brønshøj water tower in Copenhagen, Denmark. There is a beautiful natural reverb adding timeless depth to the bowed strings played with stone. With their experience in traversing the thresholds of creativity, Yngel has the wisdom to center new techniques around tranquility. A place where listeners can reach to and understand the musical process is tethered only to the openness of our minds. The extremes are not always a cacophony of sounds, they can be articulately soothing and introspective.
Wow, that is just the Yngel side. Greta Eacott travels in a completely different musical process. Her work is titled Stuck and is based in the world of creative percussion, so absolutely patient and beautiful. Like the bowed strings on the Alun side, Greta Eacott finds the precipice between the physical almost mechanical world we live, creating a gateway for thoughts to expand and move forth. These sounds create images of islands shrouded in mist, the sounds permeating the haze are both entrancing and beckoning. Stuck is tribal in the sense of Greta's use of primitive timbre and simultaneously diaphanous in the places it unveils and gives heed toward. At times her discipline is so tremendous, the composition quiets to sleep like silence, only chimes resonating in the subtle loft of night time air. Stuck is a perfect counterpart to Alun, both extremely different but so close in the feelings they invoke.

Released on a very limited edition of two hundred vinyl copies by One Take Records out of Copenhagen, Denmark. The album layout and design is by Lise Larsen, with each side having it's own cover artwork and titles (like two records in one). These are very beautiful recordings and sounds incredible on the stereo. Be sure to give Alun / Stuck the time and patience it deserves.

Yngel - facebook
Greta Eacott - twitter
One Take Records - bandcamp - instagram 


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