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Saturday, January 9, 2016

A Giant Fern - Six Cassettes

Just before the holidays, Carlos from A Giant Fern sent me six cassettes representing the label releases from the second half of 2015. I have listened to all of them and tried my best to describe their beauty in the posts below. I would like to extend the generosity of Carlos and A Giant Fern by sending a release to anyone who would like one. There are only six and they are all different, so you get what you will get. It is difficult because listening to the music of each artist, endears you to the composition, making you want to keep it! I will update this as soon as six people respond. Email me if you would like a cassette.

Thanks for reading, sending music and all of the positive response.
- ken

UPDATE - These went out to 
Jamie in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dee in Sydney Nova Scotia
Ryan in Fernandina Beach, Florida
Augie in Seattle, Washington
Matthew in Columbia, Missouri
Jeff in Portland, Oregon

Here are the quick links for each or the A Giant Fern tapes.

A Giant Fern - tumblr - bandcamp - facebook